Pumkin time

The Olympian has a list of places to go pick pumkins.

Alexander Cockburn in Aberdeen

Alexander Cockburn, the outspoken columnist for the Nation Magazine and numerous newspapers and magazines across the country ,will appear in Aberdeen on Oct.14th, 7:30 pm at the Polish Club, 823 West 1st in Aberdeen, WA. The tickets are $ 7.50 ,available at the door. Dont miss his hard - hitting political analysis and biting,irrevernt wit. Then on Saturday, Oct. 15th, the ACLU-WA Grays Harbor County Chapter invites you to their ANNUAL MEETING. Alexander Cockburn will also be the guest speaker at this event, which will take place between 1 & 4 pm. There will be food & refreshments. This is a "laid-back get-together" to meet new people and generally have a good time. The meeting will be held at O'Leary Creek Farms 1124-1128 State Route 105,Westport. For more detailed directions to both these events,you can call Fred at 360-482-1492 (long distance from Olympia)

Eve Rickert

Benefit Concert for DRC


Featuring Olympia’s Own

  • Woyaya -- female harmony vocals

  • Bud Bay Buccaneers -- sea songs with a pirate twist

  • Back Porch Swing -- an eclectic mix of Celtic, swing and original tunes
Come early and enjoy dinner before the concert (see menu for prices)

Tickets $15 (Available only at the door)

Proceeds will benefit the Dispute Resolution Center of Thurston County TRAINING SCHOLARSHIP FUND

Poetry reading

The Voice Of The Poem And Other Musics Poetry Reading #2: Robin Blaser

Blaser, Robin (1925-) Poet, Essayist, Scholar, Teacher, Translator, Editor, Librettist, Author of The Holy Forest.

All are invited.

2,000-Person Vigil in Olympia

2,000-Person Vigil in Olympia Mourns 2,000 U.S. Deaths and All Deaths in Iraq War

U.S. military deaths in Iraq will soon reach 2,000. Public opinion says that's 2,000 too many! How many is it? Let's provide a compelling visible presence. Let's hold a 2,000-person vigil in Olympia on SATURDAY OCTOBER 29. The death toll will likely be reaching 2,000 mark by about that time.

On SATURDAY OCTOBER 29 will from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. we will line the sidewalks along both sides of 4th Avenue and 5th Avenue. The vigil will extend from the mid-parts of the 4th and 5th Avenue bridge areas through the western part of downtown.

We'll line up single-file along the sidewalks and space ourselves about two feet apart to maximize the east-west extent of the visual image. (Extend your arm so your fingertips will touch the shoulder of the person standing next to you.) We'll remain on the sidewalks, and we'll leave space for all cross streets, driveways and business entrances.

NOTE: The date and time are changed from the initial announcement in order to improve planning and increase the turnout. The SATURDAY OCTOBER 29 date and the 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. time are firmly scheduled now.

Greeters will welcome participants. The hour-long vigil will include 5 minutes of silence from 12:30 to 12:35, followed by singing "We Shall Overcome."

Port Forum

Port of Olympia - The Quiet Power

On October 13, the Thurston County League of Women Voters is sponsoring a morning and an evening forum on the Port. Speakers will briefly address the Port’s history and role in the region, its finances, environmental issues related to Port activities, and creative visions for the Port’s future. The morning forum begins at 7 AM at Ruby’s Cafe, 700 4th Avenue E, Olympia; the evening forum begins at 6:15 PM at Traditions Cafe at 300 5th Avenue, SW, Olympia. If you have questions regarding these two events, contact Eve Johnson, League Chair, at 754-1455.

The Port of Olympia owns 190 acres of prime waterfront real estate adjacent to downtown Olympia. It owns almost 1500 acres in Tumwater, divided between the airport and the Air - Industrial Park. Its comprehensive plan identifies its goals as enterprise, economic development, environmental integration, and public service. In pursuit of these goals, it collects 3.7 million in taxes each year from residents throughout Thurston County.

On occasion, the Port emerges from its relative obscurity, most recently due to the transport of military equipment from Iraq and a plan to provide Weyerhaeuser a forest product export facility. But just as quickly, the Port recedes from view. Few taxpayers appear to have any clear idea of what the Port does, how it relates to city and county government, and what role the public can play in setting the future direction of the Port.

Shannon Murray performance

shannonTomorrow, Wednesday October 12, noon, 2nd floor CAB, political folk musician Shannon Murray will be performing! Come hang out and enjoy some good music! "Shannon Murray is a folk/punk musical activist singer/songwriter from the northwoods of Minnesota. Her latest release, "SCREAM" is, well what can we say, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Folk-singer, roit grrrl punk rock screaming, socially conscious songs and color crayons."


An Oly band makes a good impression in Portland:

Cuter than birds pooping huckleberry, I present Kickball, your new favorite band. Like most of the sincere and honest bands in the Northwest, they come from Olympia. Although they have misgivings about being lumped into the same pile of that classic Olympia sound (the Microphones, Mirah, Halo Benders, etc …) they do breathe the same breath. However, they’ve added a new twist to the sound and are getting more abstract and heavy with each album. The band is made of three nice people, Jacob (dances funny while playing), Adam (cool, calm and coherent), and Drummer (probably the most inventive drummer in the world).

More on Yee

There is a write-up of Yee's book on the Al Jazeera website:

He attended the U.S. Military Academy Class of 1990 reunion at the Renaissance Westchester Hotel. Cadets who were in Yee's company at West Point greeted him with big hugs and strong handshakes in the crowded reception area.

The last time he saw most of them was five years ago.

Steve Anthonavage, a 1986 Dover High School graduate said he was in disbelief when he saw Yee on television.

"I wasn't even sure it was Jim," Anthonavage said.

Army Major Chauncy Nash of Fayetteville, Ga. who played soccer with Yee at West Point, says he "was just surprised to see a case like that".

"It's not Jim. It didn't make any sense to me. I thought it might have been a misunderstanding. I didn't think the charges fit what I know about Jim."

Many of West Point graduates purchased Yee’s book at the reunion. Asked about some parts of the book that criticised the U.S. military’s handling of Guantanamo detainees, Yale Peebles of Fayetteville, Ark said that he wasn’t surprised.

"Everybody's entitled to their perspective," Peebles said. "I guarantee you that no matter what the issue is, people will have opinions."

White House Tours

Check out the video tours given by Lynn Cheney, Laura Bush, Karl Rove etc here

After viewing these, I am amazed by how much they all love Teddy Roosevelt. He was a good man, and, at this point, I would take his over the current admin.(I think)

A number of the pieces of art and furniture were from Teddy's time, but some were also from the other Roosevelt administration, however, they say VERY little about FDR and a lot about Teddy.

Teddy's most famous quote is, of course, "Speak softly and carry a big stick". It seems that the Bushies have been emulating this poorly to date. They seem to speak loudly, and using troop numbers in Iraq as an example, haven't carried a very big stick. Not big enough to get the job done properly anyways.

What do people think?

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