Sen. Mike Carrell Wants "Evergreen Olympians" to Stay Out of 28th District.

I wrote a quick email to him and a Letter to the Editor of The Olympian.

Original article concerning peace march and Sen. Carrell's comment.

(Update: links broken) 

Diversity Partnership Institute 2006

Diversity Partnership Institute 2006

"Reflections Upon Privilege"

Sound Puget Sound Higher Education
Diversity Partnership ( SPSHEDP )

Featured Speakers:

- Connie McCloud Puyallup Tribal Member

- Craig Campbell Starbucks, Diversity Recruiter

- Allan G Johnson Author, National Speaker

Registration: $45 per person (includes morning refreshments and lunch)

* How does privilege-real or perceived- impact relationships?

* Does acknowledging the existence of privilege help neutralize its power?

This year's theme brings faculty, staff and students, together to discuss how privilege influences who we are and how we see ourselves and others. To better understand the effect privilege has in the educational environment on campus.

February 10, 2006 8 am - 3 pm

Pacific Lutheran University Tacoma, Washington


Registration: $45 per person (includes morning refreshments and lunch)

For More Information:

253-535-7195 Laurie Arnold Laurie Arnold, M.Ed., Coordinator Tacoma Campus Student Services

Dahn Hak in Town?

I'm looking through a good collection of articles on Dahn Hak. I've learned through experience with other groups to do some research before I join in on most anything.

[Rick: very interesting comments]

Healing arts festival

This Friday, Oct. 14th YEHA is coming to Evergreen for the Healing Arts Festival. Between noon and 1:30pm drummers from Korea will be performing along with the members of The Young Earth Human Alliance doing yoga and providing information on other healing arts. COME JOIN THE FUN! IT'S FREE!

YEHA(Young Earth Human Alliance) is a group of young-spirited Dahn Hak members who choose to grow themselves by actively and joyfully healing themselves, their community and their Earth. YEHA uses healing method of sharing Yuln yu (expression of true self energy). YEHA adopts Peace-Healing-Brain-Humanity-Earth value system in all its activities. It is YEHA's philosophy that all problems can be solved more fundamentally through focusing on the human consciousness than devising institutional measures. All YEHA members work together to let the Humanity incorporate Earth as a center value to unlock their brain and use their brain to its 100% potential.

This is a tribe for all young spirited individuals not just Dahn Hak members. We are young dreamers and now is the time to manifest. We can help eachother grow by sharing our adventures, questions, and creativity. WE need to combine our energy to help the world around us. Actions speak louder than words!

Much Love, Respect and peace within the chaos:)

KUOW in Olympia

KUOW has bought an AM station in Olympia (KVSN) and will begin broadcasting its signal at 1340 kHz.

Buying KVSN helps KUOW resolve a nagging problem. "Our (signal) coverage is very spotty in Olympia," says program director Jeff Hansen. "We've been hearing complaints from listeners for years and years and years." The weak signal in parts of Thurston County was particularly annoying to both the station and listeners given KUOW's news and public affairs programming on state-government issues.

I wonder if this has any connection to the fact that KPLU has changed its tag to: "This is KPLU, jazz, blues, and NPR, searving Tacoma, Seattle, Olympia." I noticed this last week, and have been wondering about it. I think I have an answer.

Nonviolent resistance in Palestine

The website is releasing information about an upcoming speaking tour:
From October 14 – November 15, 2005, Palestinian Ayed Morrar and Israeli Jonathan Pollak will be touring the United States speaking about Nonviolent Resistance in Palestine. The tour will visit New York, North Carolina, Washington D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle and Olympia Washington, Michigan, Minnesota, Florida and Philadelphia.

Ayed and Jonathan are friends and among the major figures in the Palestinian-led nonviolent struggle against Israel’s military occupation. Ayed, a community leader from the West Bank village of Budrus, and Jonathan, an activist from Tel Aviv, stand for a new vision of Palestinian/Israeli partnership based in human rights for all, regardless of race or religion.

And then there were two

The port commission narrowed the field down to two candidates:

- Charles O'Donnell, district manager for the Washington State Liquor Control Board in Seattle. He was general manager for the Port of Seattle for 10 years before moving to his current job.

- Ed Galligan, former chief financial officer at the Port of Portland.

Olympia port officials and commissioners plan further interviews with O'Donnell and Galligan on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week in hopes of making a job offer.

Here's something I didn't know about how the port operates:
Though the port loses money every year, O'Donnell said, size alone should not hinder the port in its goal to become financially self-sufficient. (It relies on county property taxes to help meet expenses.)

"Regardless of how big or small a port is, the real key is to maximize the valued assets the port owns," O'Donnell said. "Being small doesn't dictate that it's going to be a money loser."

If the main function of the port is to help businesses transport thier products, then why should it be subsidized by taxes?

Pumkin time

The Olympian has a list of places to go pick pumkins.

Alexander Cockburn in Aberdeen

Alexander Cockburn, the outspoken columnist for the Nation Magazine and numerous newspapers and magazines across the country ,will appear in Aberdeen on Oct.14th, 7:30 pm at the Polish Club, 823 West 1st in Aberdeen, WA. The tickets are $ 7.50 ,available at the door. Dont miss his hard - hitting political analysis and biting,irrevernt wit. Then on Saturday, Oct. 15th, the ACLU-WA Grays Harbor County Chapter invites you to their ANNUAL MEETING. Alexander Cockburn will also be the guest speaker at this event, which will take place between 1 & 4 pm. There will be food & refreshments. This is a "laid-back get-together" to meet new people and generally have a good time. The meeting will be held at O'Leary Creek Farms 1124-1128 State Route 105,Westport. For more detailed directions to both these events,you can call Fred at 360-482-1492 (long distance from Olympia)

Eve Rickert

Benefit Concert for DRC


Featuring Olympia’s Own

  • Woyaya -- female harmony vocals

  • Bud Bay Buccaneers -- sea songs with a pirate twist

  • Back Porch Swing -- an eclectic mix of Celtic, swing and original tunes
Come early and enjoy dinner before the concert (see menu for prices)

Tickets $15 (Available only at the door)

Proceeds will benefit the Dispute Resolution Center of Thurston County TRAINING SCHOLARSHIP FUND

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