S-K breakthrough record?

city hall Some buzz about the new record from Sleater-Kinney.

Another article on the state of downtown

Property owners in Olympia bemoan the "loitering" of people downtown in a piece in today's Olympian:
“Downtown Olympia has old historic buildings; it could be a beautiful place,

Is every road in Olympia under construction?

construction Is every road in Olympia presently under construction? It seems to me that we've had plenty of nice weather for making roads. Why does it all seem to be happening at once?

Find a list of the actual work projects under way here.

FREE OLY events Friday 8/19:

I highly recommend:

Play Buffet 7

presenting Woofer at the State Theater, at 7:30.

This musical is produced entirely by visiting Japanese students. I have gone to this event for a number of years, and last year couldn't even get in the door! I suggest advanced reservations (BTW, it is also showing on Saturday, same time/place).

For more information, contact: Daisuke 360/412-6127


Olympia Public Art Tours

This just seems interesting to me. Otherwise, I know nothing about it.
From MIXX 96:

Learn about the images that are both shaped by and define our community.
5pm - Waterfront Public Art, meet at the Farmers' Market bell;

6pm – Art at the Olympia Center, meet at the center, 222 Columbia St. NW;

7pm – Bridge Corridor/Park of the Seven Oars, meet at “The Kiss

Outdoor Cinema

This is one of the best ways to spend a hot weekend evening in Olympia. Get out your lawn chairs, pack a blanket, and pack or plan to buy soda and popcorn to enjoy at the:

Olympia Outdoor Cinema!!

This fundraising event is a great participatory community event, packed full of fun, and contributes the proceeds to our local non-profits, that provide so many necessary community services.

Just a few more showings:
Aug 20: M*A*S*H

Aug 27: Pirates of the Carribean

Sept 3: Romeo and Juliet

Sept 4: Grease

More info here.

News from Camp Crawford

A long-time Oly resident, T.R. is in Camp Crawford and has given permission to post the emails she sends out to friends. This is her latest. ---------------------------------------------------

hi folks,

well, as you might expect, every day contains some unexpected challenges here at the crawford peace camp.

last night we had gotten through a fairly calm day after the very busy weekend we had. we likely had about 300 visitors to the camp and 50 of us regular campers. cindy did a few interviews, we all did a few interviews, some days i do as many as 40. we had a press conference for the national media, then things were winding down.

a bunch of us were sitting on the edge of the main camp road, looking out into the triangle where we are not allowed to be, talking and telling the highlights of the day. a young reporter from the local station #25 thought to get himself a report that no one else had done, by coming to see what we do after the sun goes down. he was setting up his cameras and stuff while we sat and visited.

we joked about doing some of the cadence we have learned from some the vets for peace and were practicing.

"Bush and Cheney talk war talk
But we know they're chicken hawks
When they talk it's awful windy
But they're afraid to talk to Cindy"

"Hey Hey Uncle Sam,
We remember Vietnam
They wave their flags when you attack
When you come home they turn their back"

As we were practicing, a truck came from the left side of the triangle, from the direction of the bush ranch and as it passed the far end of the triangle from us, it slowed down, and then jerked to the right. To our horror, it went into the ditch where the crosses were so carefully place, gunned the engine and proceed down the ditch, with the sickening sound of dragging metal. We flew out of our chairs at a run, organizing on the way. I had the job of calling 911, while the other mfso member on watch called the crawford peace house to alert the organizers who were there in a meeting to come to the camp.

Vigil update

Click here to see flickr photos of vigils from around the country.

A resident of OlyWa is in Crawford, TX. Here is an update on what's happening at "Camp Crawford."

Another dispatch from TR at Camp Crawford.

Music at the market

Here's the music schedule at the Olympia Farmers Market this weekend.
Aug 18 (Th) - 11am - 2pm - Jim Hinde - Folk
Aug 19 (Fri) - 11am - 2pm - Jazz Nouveau - Jazz
Aug 20 (Sa) - 11am - 2pm - Caribbean Vision - Steel Drum
Aug 21 (Su) - 10am - 2pm - Social Dance Day - Learn to dance with ballroom, Tango, Swing, and Salsa Instructors.

Stupid Tommy Lee, stupid Evergreen

I'm not assuming that anyone watched "Tommy Lee Goes To College" last night. If you did, I think you know what I'm talking about when I say that 5 minutes watching that was five minutes you wish you had back.

Its a not a credit to the average student at the University of Nebraska that they spent more time mugging for pictures with Mr. Lee than kicking him in the shins. It surprises the hell of me that our Evergreen State College was in the running for hosting this show:

The college answered an invitation from TV producers wanting to secure a college or university willing to welcome the rocker and creatively tape his experiences as a college student. "Lee likely would have benefited greatly from Evergreen's unique method of collaborative, interdisciplinary teaching as well as the highly creative environment, and the college's independent study programs probably would have fit his personal approach," Hanna said.

Nuclear free zone (sort of)

The Olympia city council voted initial approval on the question of whether to make OlyWa a NFZ. Does anyone know what "initial approval" means? Read about it here and here.

Here's what someone named "Bird Dog" thinks about it.

A two-minute google search produced this partial list of other cities that are NFZs:

Takoma Park
Las Vegas
Santa Cruz

I guess there are quite a few more:
Johnson said more than 1,200 cities and 100 countries are "nuclear-free." Olympia's ordinance is based on one adopted by Takoma Park, Md., that was approved 20 years ago and survived a legal challenge.

Here's a pdf of the Takoma Park NFZ Act.

Anyone have the energy to make the arguments for and against?
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