New money for children's museum?

A ruling by the State Attorney General's Office has opened the possiblity that the Hands On Children's Museum may have money to build a new facility in Olympia. The Olympian:
The attorney general's reading means a proposal by the children's museum to use $7 million of the PFD money for a new building still is alive for now.

The article contains almost no context -- just a collection of quotes from officials who seem to be talking past each other. Does anyone know the backstory on this?

Clean Water Ale

Fish Brewing Company has come out with an new brew called Clean Water Ale. From
beerOLYMPIA, Wash., Sept. 30, 2005 - Beginning this week, local residents will be able to help protect water quality in Puget Sound by knocking back a glass of beer that's arriving at bars and restaurants around town.

Clean Water Ale, brainchild of Olympia's Fish Brewing Company, is the latest in the brewer's line of organic ales and lagers. Created in collaboration with Seattle's Puget Soundkeeper Alliance, the new beer continues the company's tradition of supporting local environmental causes.


A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Clean Water Ale is donated to the Puget Soundkeeper Alliance. The alliance's mission is to protect and preserve Puget Sound through active monitoring, active engagement, active enforcement and solution-oriented partnerships.

Healthcare Hoedown

Hoedown at 7pm , Saturday, Oct 1st with the Tune Stranglers and the Strangers for a good cause! There will be speakers, music, a dessert sale and by donation massages to raise money for our new health alliance.

The newly founded Olympia Health Alliance is an organization whose aim is to provide reimbursement for many medical emergencies to members from a common fund. We will create a network of practitioners and resources that is similar to the Ithaca Health Alliance in Ithaca, NY.

This show will raise money to bring representatives from the Ithaca Health Alliance to Olympia during their upcoming west coast speaking tour.

For more about Olympia Health Alliance, please visit

Evergreen soccer

The Evergreen women's soccer team -- 1-0 winners on the road Wednesday against the nation's #4 team, Concordia University -- returns home:

Friday afternoon, September 30, 4 p.m. vs. University of Great Falls. This is a non-conference game, but features an NAIA Region I opponent, making the match an important one!

Admission is FREE!

Israel & Palestine after the Gaza Withdrawal

[via omjp]

Simona Sharoni and Nadia Niva will share highlights from a recent trip to Israel and Palestine

Members of the Olympia-Rafah Sister City Project (ORSCP) will outline their upcoming trip to Rafah, Palestine

You will have an opportunity to learn about and get involved in community projects designed to support justice and peace in Palestine and Israel


WHERE: TRADITIONS CAFÉ, 300 5th Avenue, Olympia, Tel: 360-705-2819


Read Simona and Nadia’s trip blog at:

For more information about ORSCP see:

Cheap things to do in Olympia

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Could folks help out?


Welfare Rights Organizing Coalition
701 Franklin Street SE
Olympia, WA 98501

We are compiling lists of free and cheap things to do in our areas. I've got a bunch of Seattle and Eastside fun things, but we wanted this to be a list for all our membership. Could you please take a few minutes and write down the cheap or free things to do in your area? That would be fabulous! The compiled list will then be handed out at our annual Membership Day on October 15th. Another little way to thank our members.


Jessica Lawson,
Membership Coordinator/Organizer,
Welfare Rights Organizing Coalition (WROC),
(206) 324 - 3063,,
1820 E Pine St, Suite 324,
Seattle, WA 98122

Cool documentary

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last night I saw about an hour of the first part of a 4 hour documentary on Bob Dylan on Ch. 9. The second part runs tonight and the entire 4 hour program reruns on Ch. 9 Sat Oct 1 from 10 pm - 2 am. in case you want to time shift it. The film has Dylan talking about the influences on his music and it's crammed with archival footage of the early folk music scene of the 50s & 60s which documentation of The Clancy Bros and Tommy Makem, Joan Baez, Maria Muldaur, The New Lost City Ramblers, Pete Seeger, and lots of others.


Maria's Story

Olympia CISPES (Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador) and the Political Economy and Social Change program at TESC are showing:

Thursday, 9/29/05
6PM, Lecture Hall 5, TESC

We will discuss the history of the struggle in El salvador, the current struggle and the 25 year history of CISPES and what we can do about the present situation.

Produced by Pamela Cohen and Catherine M. Ryan Directed by Manona Wali and Pamela Cohen (52 minutes, 1990).

  • "... documentary at its most illumi-nating and succinct... confronts us with our country's responsibility in the ongoing ordeal of Maria and her people while taking us way beyond political rhetoric." - Los Angeles Times
  • "Through an extraordinary combi-nation of historical film, on-location footage and narrative, 'Maria's Story'...lets us understand why untold numbers of ordinary Salvadoreans, like Maria, have chosen to fight for a better life, if not for themselves, then for their children." - Tommie Sue Montgomery, Prof., Latin American Studies
Maria's Story is an intimate portrait of a thirty-nine-year old mother of three who is a leader in the guerrilla movement in El Salvador. Short and stocky, with ready wit and common sense, Maria Serrano is a down-to-earth woman whose passion for social justice dominates her life. Born into extreme rural poverty, she struggled for an education and, at fifteen, married her husband, Jose, who now shares her commitment to the disenfranchized. Maria represents a growing number of Latin American women on the forefront of social change.

The filmmakers spent seven weeks in Maria's temporary camp, under mortar fire and helicopter surveillance, to capture the story of the human side of this war.

Browser issues

It has been brought to my attention that OlyBlog is not being interpreted very well by Internet Explorer. How many folks are experiencing this problem? In any case, I'll work on sorting it out. One thing you could do is to download Firefox (something you should do anyway). There are three reasons: 1) the software is distributed under an open source license, 2) it is much less vulnerable to viruses, and 3) it is not a microsoft product (it actually is the same core software that was developed for Netscape).

Meeting scheduled on Downtown District

The Olympian says that the city council has scheduled a meeting to take input from the public on the idea of a downtown "parking and business improvement district":
The Olympia City Council scheduled the Oct. 18 public hearing after it started the process of forming a so-called "parking and business improvement area" Tuesday.

The decision doesn't form the district, but starts the process to create one.

"By starting the process, we will commit to a public hearing and then get into the decision-making after that," Mayor Mark Foutch explained.

The Olympia Downtown Association submitted a petition last month containing the signatures of supportive business owners who represent nearly 58 percent of the assessed value in the proposed district.

State law allows a city to initiate the process if property owners representing 60 percent of the proposed district's assessed value sign on or a city council passes a resolution.

The mission of the district has been somewhat unclear. Originally called the "business improvement district," it appeared to have many functions (discussed previously here). Beautification was to be one element, but then there was the parking issue. With the name change to "parking and business improvement area," it is becoming clear that an important function is to get downtown businesses to finance the research necessary to build a parking garage. Is it properly the responsibility of the businesses to finance city planning?
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