Ft. Lewis invades downtown Olympia


An opinion piece in The Olympian exhorts us to do our part cleaning up downtown. Now the military is involved. Aren't they busy?

More new stuff

A couple of updates to the site:

  • I've created pages specifically for posting about animal exchanges and for finidng a housemate. These seemed like services that folks were needing, so here they are (see picture on the sidebar).
  • All the links are now hosted by del.icio.us. This means that they will include not only those defined by OlyBlog users, but will include any that include the same tags. Thus, anyone can now submit links by associating a site on del.icio.us with the appropriate tags.

Private land owner grants available

The Landowner Incentive Program has grants of up to $50,000 to give away to private landowners who want to take steps to protect endangered species.

Land owners only have to either match 25% of the $ or do in-kind work. Seems like an easy requirement.

If you know a private landowner who would use the money to do some good, send them that link above

First post-primary Forum Tonight

Now that we know who'll we be voting for or against in November, the Young Dems are holding a forum tonight at the Capital Playhouse.

Young Democrats Candidate Forum

Capital Playhouse
612 East Fourth Avenue
Olympia WA

Wednesday, September 21
6:30 Social half hour
7:00 Forum

I'll be there, and depending on the wi-fi available on site, I'll be blogging.

Military fly-overs explained

c17s [via email]

Sir or Ma'am,

In reference to your blog of 18 September regarding the military fly-overs, we had night training of airborne troops parachuting onto our training areas.

They are training so they can maintain proficiency in their combat skills. At any moment we could be called upon to perform our duties anywhere in the world. We are already performing these tasks in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We are doing this training to also provide a free society the continued freedom to write these blogs and chatter amonsgt yourselves about how annoying the noise of freedom is.

V/R Dan Williams

"No Soldier in active service entangles himself in everyday affairs so he may please his commanding officer." Paul circa 66 A.D.

Call for public input

The Olympian calls for the city to actually listen to what the public has to say about developing the property on the western shore of East Bay Drive.

Change in parking fines for south capitol

The Olympian reports that there will be some significant increases in parking fines south of the capitol campus, and no more warnings.

Election results here

Election results are available here.

And, here are the initial ones (8:21 p.m.) for Olympia:

City of Olympia, Council, Position No. 5
Total Percent
Todd E. Adams 969 12.49
Ira Knight 2,500 32.21
Jeff Kingsbury 3,830 49.35
Robin L. "Buck" Torske 461 5.94

City of Olympia, Council, Position No. 6
Total Percent
Phyllis Booth 2,052 26.37
Doug Mah 5,108 65.65
Jim Wiest 620 7.97

[update 9/21/05] Here is a post-election analysis from the Olympian.

Who has the cheapest gas in Olympia?

Does anyone know which station has the cheapest gas in Olympia? If we can track prices at various locations, I'll post them here so everyone can benefit.

Maybe someday we can get off the stuff.

[update 9/20/05] Rob points out in the comments that CITGO is the distributor for Petróleos de Venezuela. Rob suggests that maybe price should not be the ultimate factor in determining where to buy gas. Where are the CITGO stations? And how does CITGO compare in price?

Don't forget to bring ID...

...when you vote:

What's valid I-D?

Photo identification, voter registration card, utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, student I-D, tribal I-D, or other government document that includes your name and address.

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