New tenant at the port of Olympia

The Tacoma News Tribune reports that Weyerhaeuser is to switch ports from Tacoma to Olympia. TNT reports that the new tenant will:
• Generate about 38 jobs and an additional 17 longshore positions, according to Kari Qvigstad, the Port of Olympia’s marketing and business development director. Twenty-three longshore members, plus added casual workers, now work at the port.
• Bring in an estimated $1.47 million in revenue a year.
• Provide the port with some tenant stability. The port and Weyerhaeuser will sign a five-year lease, with options to extend it after that, Qvigstad said.

The price tag for Olympia:
The Port of Olympia plans to do $4 million worth of improvements to the site before Weyerhaeuser moves in. The port commission was scheduled to approve the lease at its meeting Monday night.

No story in The Olympian (as of Tuesday 2:30pm).

[update 4:00pm]
The Olympian article is here. (Thanks Khaos).

Olympia Film Society fundraiser

If you're thinking of taking advantage of the Regal Cinemas $1 movie deal this week don't forget that all proceeds from Thursday night will be donated to the OFS.
First-run features include "The Cave," "The Brothers Grimm," "The Constant Gardener" and "Undiscovered."

Values ordinance

To be discussed at Tuesday's city council meeting:
Community Values Ordinance: Through the Community Values Ordinance, we as citizens can have some authority by dictating values to business in our community. This ordinance would keep profits within the local community, promote fair competition, provide for living wages, maintain free-speech rights for the employees and citizens (human citizens), and promote ecological sustainability. Under the community values ordinance, large business entities, including big box stores, would get a report card score based on the community values listed above. Corporations that score below the minimum standard would be unable to locate in or remain in our community.

Full text available here.

Almost there

The Olympian reports that the NFZ will pass the city council next Tuesday. What does it mean to be a Nuclear Free Zone?
The city does business with 32 companies that make the components used in nuclear weapons, according to a list compiled by and borrowed from the city of Arcata, Calif. These companies supply cars and other major items to the city.

Under the ordinance, the city still would do business with companies that don't sign the affidavit if there isn't a reasonable alternative. But officials would announce the company's name at a public council meeting and write a letter asking the company to stop producing nuclear weapons or their components.

Officials would take the companies at their word when they sign the affidavit because they lack the staff and expertise to monitor whether companies are telling the truth. They'll depend on watchdog groups to raise those questions.

Seems like a reasonable request that the companies we give our money to don't build WMD.

War commentary through information design

This flash movie is an interesting information design project reportedly done as a senior project.

Reminds me of Charles Minard's antiwar statement in his Napoleans March to Moscow diagram.

The exception being that Tim didn't necessarily start out with an antiwar slant.

Interested in becoming a mediator?

Here's the training schedule at the Thurston County Dispute Resolutioin Center for the rest of this year:
September 20 & 21: 16-Hour Facilitating Effective Meetings Training
October 3-5: 20-Hour Multi-Party Mediation Training*
October 20-22 & 27-29: 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training
November 17-19: 20-Hour Family Mediation Training*
December 3: Beyond Power; Process Work Contributions to Wisdom & Eldership in Times of Conflict
*Requires 40 hr. basic training.

Sign up now!


constructionIn order to inform the discussion about the people who are homeless in downtown Olympia, and with the help of several citizen-journalists, OlyBlog will be conducting a series of interviews that will be posted (in video) on this blog. Rather than conducting surveys of "the public" on how they feel about the homeless (a la The Olympian), why not go directly to the source and ask the people involved? We'd like to get your input about what questions we ask. What would you like to know about the folks that you see on the street in downtown Olympia?

More on NFZ

The Olympian follows up on plans for the USS Olympia to visit. Final action on the NFZ will come during the city council's meeting on Tuesday.

At OFS this week

Like "Paris is Burning" or "Style Wars" before it, "Rize" illuminates an entire community by focusing on an artform as a movement that the disenfranchised have created. But the true stars of the film are the dancers themselves: surrounded by drug addiction, gang activity, and impoverishment, they have managed to somehow rise above. The film offers an intimate, completely fresh portrayal of kids in South Central as they reveal their spirit and creativity. These kids have created art – and often family – where before there was none.

Ladies in Lavender
Daniel Bruhl plays Andrea. A gifted young Jewish violinist from Krakow, Andrea is bound for America when he is swept overboard by a fierce storm. When the Widdington sisters discover the handsome and mysterious stranger on the beach below their house, they nurse him back to health. However, the presence of the musically talented young man disrupts the peaceful lives of Ursula and Janet and the community in which they live.

S-K breakthrough record?

city hall Some buzz about the new record from Sleater-Kinney.
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