Nuclear free zone (sort of)

The Olympia city council voted initial approval on the question of whether to make OlyWa a NFZ. Does anyone know what "initial approval" means? Read about it here and here.

Here's what someone named "Bird Dog" thinks about it.

A two-minute google search produced this partial list of other cities that are NFZs:

Takoma Park
Las Vegas
Santa Cruz

I guess there are quite a few more:
Johnson said more than 1,200 cities and 100 countries are "nuclear-free." Olympia's ordinance is based on one adopted by Takoma Park, Md., that was approved 20 years ago and survived a legal challenge.

Here's a pdf of the Takoma Park NFZ Act.

Anyone have the energy to make the arguments for and against?


Nope, not anymore

I wonder though, if this were brought up now, given the current energy of the blog, if more people would jump at that question Rick. Do you wonder?

For and against

I am not sure when the Olympia City Council was granted any control what so ever over the federal government owned and controlled Nuclear materials. Is the Olympia City Council part of the IAEA. (Funny thing is I do a search on that website and find nothing for the Olympia City Council)


Perhaps the Olympia City Council should spend more time dealing with local issues under their control such as panhandling, litter, crime, and graffiti vandalism, business development, and less time making misinformed political statements and wasting the time and money of the city to do so.



One of the great non sequiturs of the left is that, if the free market doesn't work perfectly, then it doesn't work at all-- and the government should step in.

Thomas Sowell

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