Occupy The Capitol, Why? Because it's yours.

Corporations and Government United!

Come Join in celebrating this union! Or be present to Object...
Meet at the Rafa Mural at 6pm!
Then Join us for the After party on the Capitol Steps!
Bring your tooth brush ^_^


Whose House?!

I totally support occupying the capitol to liberate it from corporate control...

But the "our house" message... I am not so sure about that. I mean, couldn't the keepers of neo-world-power say these same words?

Really berd?

What I said was, "occupy the capitol why? Because it's ours"  Not... it belongs to me, and I'll let you stay in it... but this is a collective ownership. Gee wiz... How specific do i need to be... thats one things that's hard to verbalize; "collective ownership" how do you say, this belongs to everyone, therefor it belongs to no one? How? 

No Berd

I think we all know what "Our House" implies.

Who's House!? Dawgs House!?

Who's House!? Dawgs House!? Who's House!? Dawgs House!...........Sorry, thought this was a sports blog, spring ball is going on you know

Hey, Wilson

I know you guys might not all gossip about the same stuff throughout the whole department, but what did you hear about Friday's photos from the OPD detectives?

Am i supposed to answer that?

Is wilson a cop? Any woo. What Photos!!?  GOSSIP NOW! oblog needs fuel, har har har. 

Im not an Olympia Police

Im not an Olympia Police Officer, So I don't know, and really don't care. I can assume what the Officers would do in such situations though. There was probably a hearty round of teasing directed at the detective in the photos, especially about the confused look he had in one of them. After that I am sure the topic came up in this order of importance.

1) Damn it, the last officer to use this car didn't empty the garbage.

2) Crap, Starbuck's is out of pumpkin scones

3) Hey, look at that, someone has a camper for sale on the bulletin board

4) Hey, does anyone remember the gate code for the parking lot!!

5) When you clowns see the printer is out of paper would you please refill it!!!

6) Hey, the guy you brought in last night says you stole $1,000,000.00 dollars out of his pockets. Did you? Ok, so all he had in there was a bus transfer, three dirty needles, and four cigarette butts...alright, I'll tell him we only take complaints over $1,000,000.00 on Sunday mornings.

7) I hope people don't notice the coffee stain on my uniform shirt.

Somewhere after these important concerns I'm sure the frenzy you had conjured up in the dark caverns of your mind took place....it was probably a conversation that took place between two officers as they sat in opposite stalls. Between healthy farts you may have heard...

Officer 1 - You see the detective in those photos?

Officer 2 - What photos?

Officer 1 - The one's on that blog.

Officer 2 - OlyBlog? Oh yeah, I did, he should have shaved, he looks like Joe the rag bag.

Officer 1 - Yeah, your right, shaving would have been good

Officer 2 - Boy, do the Mariners ever suck.

Officer 1 - No shit, you think they'll win 70?

The conversation may have drifted on from there. So to answer your question in a definitve way...I flat don't know. I am not employed by our fair village, never have been.


Whatever you say...

But answering me before 6AM didn't help make your case.

Does "i am not olympia police"...

Mean you could be police elsewhere? This post was very funny, you two have successfully referenced a rumor and talked about it a little, without actually talking about it... very.... interesting tactic. Seems like an interesting skill... where would I use that skill? 

Thank you, i thought it was

Thank you, i thought it was funny as well. I am a police somewhere else, just not in Olympia.

Wilson, That was hilarious


That was hilarious and probably pretty accurate.

Olympia. 20 square miles surrounded by reality.

You still in the National Guard?

You still in counterintelligence?


I just re-read that exchange and realized that I was asking you about the photos the Detectives took, not the photos I took of the detectives.  But you answered the question you thought would make me look ridiculous, didn't you?  And in a long winded way which would conceal your discomfort.  But your answer actually reveals it, doesn't it?  Something like 23 lines of text for something you claim in line one YOU DON'T CARE about.  No, REALLY don't care about.  Methinks thou dost protest too much.

What? Your weird.

What? Your weird.

Ok, I get what you were

Ok, I get what you were saying. I read your question to mean that rumors were flying about you 'catching' a detective snapping photos...not the other way around. I don't know either way, I am not, in any way shape or form, employed by the City of Olympia. I live here, I went to school here, I spent my childhood here, I really enjoy Eagan's, love baseball and football, but I am not an Olympia Police Officer.

Hey...what was that noise...did you hear that? Did you see that? Is something in my attic? Oh my gosh! Is it a detective snapping photos of me sitting in my living room. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep and nope.  


Yep and nope (I never was).


Olympia. 20 square miles surrounded by reality.