October 22nd - National Night Out Against Police Brutality

October 22, 2008

National Night Out

Against Police Brutality

Please join us for an informal tour of Olympia’s downtown, guided by local Copwatch Organizer Drew Hendricks.

We begin at 6PM, at Sylvester Park. (Corner opposite of Starbucks)

Wear Black
...and consider masks – last year they took photos of people participating...

(October 22nd this year is also a training day for the Olympia Police)




wear black? huh...did I miss something here? Masks?

Wow, this is nothing short of paramilitary posturing-



Uhm... No. It's not.

Traditionally in Judeo-Xtian cultures wearing black is a sign of grieving. This is the night that we remember, and tell the stories of, folks killed by the police.

Last year, the OPD met on October 22nd with Military Intelligence personnel and the US Coast Guard regarding the then-upcoming November 2007 Port of Olympia military shipment. The same evening, as we were in Heritage Park, we noticed a man in a white van take our picture. I don't KNOW that the two things were related, but I'd guess that they were and advise folks accordingly.

October 22nd was chosen for this day a while back because it's the "birthday" of the Black Panther Party. They copwatched armed. I don't advise or advocate copwatching armed, in our particular context.

might help-

-if you mentioned that meaning of the black garb in the announce, 'cuz it comes off different in the announce than your explanation-

thanks for taking the time to explain and such, I apologize for being up in your grill-


Yes, of course...

The misunderstanding is all mine, I assure you. You're certainly forgiven such an obvious connection as that. Black, and masks, and the mention of ammo caliber and all. Hmmm... no undue assumptions were made, I guess.