Oil Fracking Train Headed to Bakken Blockaded Outside Port of Olympia

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Photo by Tri Imani

 Olympia, WA --A coalition action group, Olympia Stand, comprised of climate action, Indigenous solidarity, and port militarization activists have staged a human blockade on the train tracks leaving the Port of Olympia, Washington. A train transporting fracking proppants to the Bakken Basin in North Dakota, the source of oil for the Dakota Access Pipeline and explosive Bakken oil trains, has been prevented from leaving the Port of Olympia.
Olympia Stand is a direct action coalition actively resisting the transport of proppants through the Port of Olympia to the Bakken Basin of North Dakota. Activists are inspired by the Water Protectors of Standing Rock and work in coalition to expose and reject Olympia's complicity in the occupation and desecration of Indigenous lands by focusing on direct action and civil resistance. The overall goal is for the Port of Olympia to not enable the use of climate-damaging fossil fuels or their infrastructure.

According to the Quadrennial Defense Review Report by the Department of Defense, climate change is the greatest national security threat to the United States. In order to reverse the damage we have already done, the global scientific consensus is clear. We must transition to renewable energy and keep all oil, coal and natural gas in the ground. http://archive.defense.gov/pubs/2014_Quadrennial_Defense_Review.pdf

We demand the Port of Olympia permanently cease fossil fuel infrastructure shipments through the marine terminal. In lieu of acceptance of this demand we will continue to oppose any transportation of fossil fuels through the Port of Olympia.

The action started at the intersections of State and Jefferson just before 2:00 pm,  by 3:00 pm  the train reversed back into the Port to the cheers of the train blockers. Soon after, the text message “We hold the track”, along with a call out for action support to resist movement of the fracking proppants through the night was sent by Tri Imani, with  Olympia Stand.  At the midnight hour  train blockers continued to hold the tracks.

The Train Stoppers are carrying signs expressing solidarity with the fight of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe against the pipeline and associated explosive Bakken oil trains. They chanted "Water is Life," "You can't drink oil," and "Take our port back, join us on the tracks!" Many drivers honked in support as they passed by the blockade site. Though today’s action was inspired by the Standing Rock DAPL resistance, area climate justice activists have been resisting Port of Olympia fracking materials for Bakken oil extraction since 2012. The Quinault Nation has led the opposition to the proposed Grays Harbor oil terminal in Hoquiam, which would draw more explosive Bakken oil trains to our region.

The Port of Olympia has been importing fracking sands from China for the past four years. These ceramic “proppants” prop open bedrock cracks as water and chemicals extract oil. The Port loads the 1.5-ton proppant sacks onto the trains to North Dakota, where Native water protectors are facing heavily armed security with militarized vehicles, tear gas, rubber bullets, and attack dogs. Olympia Stand co-organizer Tri Imani said, "We don't want the public port to be complicit in climate change, oil fracking pollution, exploding oil trains and ongoing militaristic occupation of Indigenous lands for resource extraction and transport, endangering the survival of Indigenous nations and Earth itself."

Video of 11/11/16 Olympia Stand Action for release, video by Zoltan Grossman https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6ay5hR6QIQ3bkxGbjhFWGxuVk0/view

For background on the fracking sands at the Port of Olympia, and Bakken oil fracking, see https://olympiapfr.wordpress.com  For information on the unfolding action, email Olystand@protonmail.com