Oly Artist Interviews

E-mail interviews of Oly artists in conjunction with current shows around Olympia. The format of the interviews is as follows: three questions are e-mailed to the artist, the artist responds to the three questions, the answers are mulled over, one final question is e-mailed to the artist and the artist responds. All questions and answers are posted on OlyBlog.

My goals are: to promote the local artists and art scene, allow artists to express themselves in a nontraditional format, allow a potential audience to experience the art slightly differently than the status quo and to get to know local artists in a fun and playful manner.

If you are an Oly Artist with upcoming or currently accessible art in the Olympia area and you're interested in an e-mail interview, please contact me at: wordsrend(at)gmail(dot)com. If possible I would like to see your work prior to extending questions. A .jpg of your work to accompany the interview on OlyBlog would be super fantastic.