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THE ROCK - Wood Fired Pizza

http://www.therockwfp.com/  (Choose your internet speed, Click on Menu, click on Lacey)

Location:  Lacey Theater by Shopko (The Rock is attached to the theater on the far left side with plenty of it's own parking on the same side so you don't get caught up in the theater rush hour!)

LOVE going here!!!  Their Garlic Mozz bread is heavenly!  So is their Brown Sugar Mozz Bread!  (I know!  It sounds horrid but it really is delicious!!!)  The Beer Battered French Fries - WOW!  And you really get huge servings!  On Tuesdays, during Happy Hour (3-9 PM) you can get the artichoke spinach dip, garlic mozz bread & beer battered fries for HALF PRICE!  And the wings are only $5.00!  Those 4 things alone are a huge meal in & of itself!

Friends I have gone with swear The Rock's salads are the best around (I've seen the Thai Chicken & Walnut Pear Salads inhaled!) 

The pizzas are delicous!  Haven't had a bad one yet & we've tried many!  If it's just one or 2 of you, skip the pizza and just order the Garlic Mozz Bread and it's just like thier cheese pizza!

For the drinkers - you can't leave the rock without trying a Bucket!  5 Premium Rums and 2 juices served in a SAND BUCKET complete with a shovel attached!  They're so big & so strong, you're only allowed to order 2!  They're verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry good!!!  When you're done, take them with you & let the kids play with the cleaned out pails at the beach!  LOL!

This really is a neat place, cool atmosphere and a lot of fun whether it's just you, you & a friend or your whole neighborhood (like mine tends to be!)




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