On Oly Personal Shit

Hi, we're the Taelliouses!  As fellow OlyBloggers you know us as pseudonym and enpen.  We offer you our advice, free of charge.  Every Sunday night we'll post responses to your personal plights, Oly.  Trust us.  Just send your questions to oolyps(at)gmail.com.  Feel free to fully disclose your identification, or, create a "fake" e-mail account through yahoo, google, hotmail, outgun, etc.  We'll treat you as anonymously as you like.

Now is the time to ask us to figure out your personal problems, Oly.  We'll begin posting on Sunday, March 18. 

“Every relationship I've been in, I've overwhelmed the girl. They just can't handle all the love.”
            - Justin Timberlake


"They just can't handle all the love.


Pseudonym is Enpen's wife! Suddenly it's all starting to make sense.