Olympia BDS Why Boycott, Why Divest

Olympia BDS: Why Boycott, Why Divest...
Wednesday 4 August 2010
Olympia BDS presentation at Traditions about their work advocating for the Olympia Food Co-op to boycott products from Israel. It was a full house at Traditions last night. The above photo is from about 9:30, near the end of the night, after when people began to trickle out around 9 or so. I estimate that there were 80 or more people in attendance. Members of the organizing group presented for about an hour and a half or so, and then the floor was opened up for Q & A.
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Why Boycott, Why Divest
In this photo, Muhammad Ayub asks a question of the Olympia BDS movement organizers.

For more information, please see: www.olympiabds.org/


Nice photos of a great night.

It was a powerful presentation put on by really impressive and caring folks. Once again Olympia makes international news by how badassed and compassionate we all are. Cheers to human compassion and empathy and the ability to discuss complex issues without fear of vitriolic hate.

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