Olympia Food Co-op Boycott of Products from Israel

This is for stories, articles, blogs, and other posts related to the Thursday 15 July 2010 decision by the Olympia Food Co-op Board of Directors to boycott products from Israel due to aggression against Palestinians by the state of Israel.



    When governing or making decisions is based on ego needs for being right or getting one's way, then what we get is politics, which is as far as one can get from governing and still be using the same alphabet. Everyone has a point of view. Everyone is entitled to their point of view. The challenge of communal governing is how to move forward by taking all points of view into consideration. Not an easy task.
The consequence of not being able to negotiate sometimes is to be stuck in a mindset that one's POV is an absolute truth, no matter what the vantage point. As I have noticed, unless members of a group are willing to communicate to find common ground, or at least a resolution all are willing to live with, the result is war - a hard and fast attachment to a point of view as though it is the one and only truth and/or "right" position to hold - proving one's point of view is right and all others are wrong. Of course this happens from all sides, which makes it all the more difficult.
The discussion at the Oly Center was at least a respectful beginning to a process of communication that needs to happen more often if we want to relieve some tension. If we don't, then nothing matters.


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