Olympia is great

I see there's been a policy change about the content, so I've decided to write an Olyblog entry reflective of the new orientation.

Olympia. Olympia! Olympia is a land of puppies and rainbows and leprechauns where people spontaneously dance in circles in the street. No one ever dies and there are no unhappy people there. Olympia was created on God's eighth day, the one where he created cool places that weren't meant to be known about by too many people. Olympia single handedly created all music composed since the early '90s, for real. And none of that music sucks. It's thrift stores shine with light and love, spilling their golden rays out onto the streets for the benefit of passersby. Even the sun likes Olympia, when it comes out you can look up and see a face winking its eye as if to say "I'm looking at you, bro". Our parks are second to none, our selection of cool ethnic eats is primo, and we're working on our lack of non-white people. The heavens open up on a weekly basis and angels descend down to fifth street singing the praises of God's special place.

Olympia, my phallus swells at the thought of you, I kneel down and worship your feet in an erotic way.

Olympia, you are great, all the time, and anyone who says otherwise is a rat fink liar.




"A gun is a tool, Marian. No better, no worse than any other tool. An axe, a shovel, or anything. A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it. Remember that.-- Shane


This is a non political tag line and cannot be linked up through a twisted thought process to an obscure company making specialty tools.  

That is true art

That is true art

I was looking forward to

I was looking forward to reading the comments on this thread, none have appeared..to bad

I hope you're happy. They

I hope you're happy. They know about Olympia in Spokane (rhymes with Cocaine) now. Now they're going to move here and enforce their Inland Empire Ways on us.

Prepare for Hay Bales and Country Music 8-Track Tapes now.

(I say this affectionately - having lived in Otis Orchards until I was 7.)

When your drivin’ all day
Ain’t seen nothing but hay
Spokane (Spo-caine)

”What did you say boy?”

When you’re down on your luck
And they repo your truck
Spokane (Spo-caine)

”Hehehe, You ain’t from around here are you ?
It’s Spokane
It’s Spokane
It’s Spokane, son"

Spokane (Spo-caine)

”Ga-digg boy! Listen, mister, you’re gonna have to learn a few things if you’re gonna hang around this part of the state!”

Red meat is NOT bad for you. Now blue-green meat, THAT'S bad for you!
Tommy Smothers


Olympia, you are great, all the time, and anyone who says otherwise is a rat fink liar.

To criticize or express dissent would be UnAmerican! Or at least UnOlympia-like!


Don't eat meat, ride a bike...that's how you can brake global warming, the head of the United Nation's Nobel Prize-winning scientific panel on climate change said...


I just accidentally stumbled across this in The Spokesman Review while searching for something else on the googlewebs.