Olympia police department scanner online

The Olympia, WA police department scanner feed is now streaming online at http://wacomputing.com. The site went live tonight, so go and show your support! http://wacomputing.com


Please tell me that box is

Please tell me that box is doing something else, or alternately that it's running a Via or Atom chip. I'd hate to think we had a dedicated 200w server just for this. Otherwise, neat idea. Let me know if you want the tactical channel as a stream as well and I'll throw you a feed from my scanner.

box specs

@zeet Yes, the box does work quite a bit more than the dispatch stream. I host a dozen other websites and some other internal services for my home network. Powered with Xeon cores + 700W. Shoot me an email about the tactical stream and we can chat. Email address is 'mark@' the domain name listed on my signature. Mark Moore http://nwlinux.com
Mark Moore http://nwlinux.com


I have a similar looking box under my desk, but it's got a low-power processor and is doing all sorts of fun home functions. It's always a thought of mine, since so many servers are run at such a light load. I'll toss you an e-mail; we could do the tac channel or any other. It just occurs to me that I have an unused scanner sitting around and there's already mplayer on the box so it could be a nice stream source. It's already running a radio station after all...


Yes! I have been dreaming of this day for years! Thank you!!

host OlyBlog while u r at it?

tech talk on OlyBlog? *nice*

A move to a PV/DC infrastructure can save watts as well~



Hosting Olyblog

Ping me via e-mail (my username @ my username dot net) about this. I can probably get you a VM at a datacenter in town here. If not, I can certainly invoke a Linux vserver for Olyblog.

kewl, but not my call

Rick and all?

PS: could you run a community server (LAMP) distributed across several meshed hi-end linux-based WiFi APs?

I'm trying to get enough "horse-power" to run SafeDHCP and a host of "cloud-like" servcies(incl. Asterix) for a neighborhood freenet, and just curious 2hear thawts (have yet to splash down at the tech forum mentioned here).


Haven't seen it done

but I don't see why not. The trick would be guaranteeing a consistent state across the entire network. I don't think anything like that has been developed yet. It runs into several problems: the trusted node problem, state consistency, node availability. How big of a neighborhood are you looking at here? The work I've done with mesh gear suggests that it's still in the 'over-promise and under-deliver' camp. There are probably several ways to do distributed computing across a mesh, but as to running single apps it gets trickier.

Asterisk on a mesh sounds more doable. Lots of the small Linux-based WAPs have enough horsepower to run Asterisk, and it does have a distributed networking setup. You could likely use DUNDi with OpenWRT nodes or something along those lines. Your big problems there are going to be twofold. First, mesh networks suck for VoIP. It will work but with low MOS quality. Second, there just won't be enough MIPS to go around for the higher-end codecs. G.711 only needs 0.2 MIPS but it's very hard on the network. The codecs that impose a lower network load all require more MIPS. There have been reports that the WRT54GL can do 4 channels of GSM, which would be enough for a small POP, so I'm thinking it can be done ... there's just a lot of hacking between the idea and reality.

BTW, I sent a message to Jay about taking on Olyblog. We can do it, but at this point it's just an offer. Jay is of course welcome to pay for it so long as he wants. I'm glad this blog exists and we'd love to see it continue.

nice points

I have watched this niche for a while and thanks for the thoughtful comments.

The coffee is on me when we meet.


If you need help with * let me know.

I haven't worked with DUNDi but have read good things. It would be fun to register a block of ITAD numbers (freenum.org) and give them out to people. There could easily be a neighborhood telephone network with a self-service central numbering authority. People could volunteer their PSTN gateways for local calls as well, to talk to the regular phone network. Of course there is the potential for abuse, but that's the case with any proper Commons.

Tech talk

There is always room for tech talk! :-) Actually, I host a regional cross-platform tech blog if you are interested (http://pnwtechforums.com). We'll get OlyBlog tech oriented yet!!! Mark Moore http://nwlinux.com
Mark Moore http://nwlinux.com

I love geek talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No really, I appreciate all the things y'all do for me I have no interest, or competency, in.