Photos from Today's Rally in Solidarity with the Oakland General Strike

Down 4th Ave

in front of Chase Bank

Inside chase Bank. Bank manager threatens to call the cops.

Down 4th Ave

At the Olympia Police Department

At Bank of America. Main entrance was closed due to the protest


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Thanks for posting the photos.

Interesting about the faces being blurred.

So journalists don't do the cop's work

Our coverage gets used against people by the authorities if we let it. We need to adapt to the data mining that they do as indie journalists.

We don't give up our sources (everyday people). Although I'm new to face blurring too.



As soon as we hide

we don't matter.

They didn't hide

This was a public demonstration, Laurian.  And this was a shadow of that public demonstration.  (see response to Berd)

So true

So true Laurian.


Subvert the Dominant Paradigm

The dominant paradigm thrives on fear, creating distrust, to divide and conquer.

Play into fear-based thinking and behavior: and support the dominant paradigm of economic oppression and violence.

Or choose to be different, talk with each other. Live with each other, and learn from each other, love each other and laugh with each other.

thems my thoughts.

Another world is possible.


The person who made this thread is being very responsible to their community by being realistic about what it means to post faces of protesting persons in an electronic medium.  I don't see that blurring as fear, I see it as experience.

Berd, I've used your photos of rallies and demonstrations to see who was at events I didn't make it to, for years now.  That is part of why you disabled copying of your photos on your flickr account, remember? 

Which would you prefer, masks on the persons in the march or blurred photos in the news?

If you need to see the faces of the persons who held these signs to judge whether they should be supported, then you probably aren't in solidarity with them.  Listen to what the signs say.  It hardly matters who it was who carried them, anyway. 

Keep in mind that these people DID have conversations in public with each other when this happened.  But this is a mere shadow, a news story, a photo essay.  This is not where the important conversation happens.