Port of Olympia Action


Ongoing compilation of Oly port action.

See something from the past that hasn't been included yet? Let us know in comments and it will eventually be added.

Also check out Blocking the Strykers: Thirteen days of war resistance at the Port of Olympia by Sandy Mayes


Nice to see so much independent coverage

It's awesome to see so much independent coverage of the event. Even though I am a little mentally traumatized by the events, I am glad I was there with my camera to document the goings on.

Nice Sarah

Thanks for putting this all in a neat lil book.


The drupal book/collection feature is so helpful.

Thanks, Sarah

Sarah, I just discovered this nice archive you've compiled -- of material related to the 2007 Olympia port protests. Thanks for putting it together.

May I suggest another link? I wrote an article for the Works In Progress website (which was also published on the Counterpunch and Z sites). The piece gives a general overview of what happened. Alongside the article on the WIP website are 33 photos, and at the end is a long list of video links. There is also a link to the Olympian editorial and Phan Nguyen's response.

Here's the link to my article: http://www.olywip.org/site/page/article/2007/12/01.html

Thanks, again!


My mistake ...

OK, Now that I have more thoroughly perused these links I see that they are all links to items previously posted on Olyblog -- which my article was not.

Never mind.

This works fine

Link to your article works just fine here, now part of the book! Thanks for kind words too.