Posting Recurring Events

I've done some more work on how OlyBlog handles events, in order to let people enter repeating events and get them to display properly on the calendar. (If you don't care about posting recurring events, stop right here and go back to surfing the web. You don't need to know anything more about this, and you don't want to. Believe me...)

Repeating events will now display properly in the calendar. There are a fair number of options about how much of the information about repeating dates OlyBlog's software will automatically display at the beginning of your Event post. Right now, I've set it up to only display the date and time for the first event in a repeating series. (There is also a tab labeled "Repeats" that readers can use to show them all.) Given this setup, your own text should probably include something about how the event repeats, like "This workshop will meet Monday evening from 7:00 to 9:00 for six weeks in a row, starting April 17th." If this setup doesn't seem good, you can comment with suggestions or send me a message.

When you create an Event post, you'll now see an item called "Repeat" right under the fields for the "From date" and the "To date." You put the date and the starting and ending time for the first event in your sequence into those two fields - say from March 17, at 8:00 pm to March 17th at 9:15 pm. If you click on "Repeat" you'll now get a menu of options.

You have to select something in the "Frequency" and "Period" menus, or you won't get a repeat at all. This is pretty straightforward if your event repeats every week, or every two weeks, or every month. You just choose the obvious options on these menus and put the date to stop repeating in the next box. (Note that it won't include the stop date in the repetitions, so if your last event is September 14th, you want September 15th in that box.)

Suppose your show runs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night for six weeks, though... You still need to have "Every" and "Week" chosen in the "Frequency" and "Period" menus. However, then you use the "Advanced" menu to choose the days of the week that you want included from the "Every Week" set you're beginning with. (To get multiple days selected on that menu with my Mac using Firefox I hold down the Command key while I click the days I want. Your mileage may vary...) Beyond that, you can use "Except" to exclude particular dates from the results of your rules, or use "Additional" to add particular dates that your rule doesn't cover.