Rabbi Lynn's Presentation

Rabbi Lynn GottliebMonday 9 August 2010
Olympia—Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb is currently on a visit to Olympia, and last night made a presentation in support of the Olympia Food Co-op decision to boycott Israeli goods.

The hall at First Christian Church was packed to hear Rabbi Lynn explain her support for the work of Olympia BDS and the co-op.

The Rabbi spoke of her experience being ordained as the first female Rabbi in the Jewish Renewal Movement, and of travel to Israel/Palestine. She presented slides showing the situation, and focused mostly on the West Bank.

Given the work of the Rachel Corrie Foundation to educate the community about the situation in Gaza, I appreciated the focus on the West Bank. The presentation served to flesh-out what people mean when they use words like "occupation" and "apartheid."

One slide sticks out to me. It was of a landscape dotted with the stumps of former olive trees, all of which were cut down due to their proximity to a "Jewish only" access road between settlements on the West Bank. The government of Israel now controls most of the land in the Palestinian Territory of the West Bank, and there are many Israeli settlements there.

The discrepancy in living conditions between Israelis and Palestinians is stark. Oly BDSFor example, many Palestinians have irregular access to water. And poverty amongst the Palestinian population is rampant and severe, one way the toll of this is shown is in short life-spans. This poverty is directly due to the unjust and unacceptable policies of the occupying government.

The apartheid is real. The situation is supported by US tax dollars and US political power internationally. So we, as Americans, really are complicit.

I thank the Rabbi for visiting, and for the educational presentation in support of bds, and the explanation of why the bds effort is correct.

Group photo with Oly BDS and Rabbi Gottlieb


Berd, Israel continues its old-new policy to steal olive trees a

Israel continues its old-new policy to steal olive trees and replant them either inside its settlements in the Palestinian Territories or inside Israel. Such a policy started as early as 1967, following the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The second half of the 1980s witnessed a marked increase in the implementation of this policy as Israel carried out a campaign against olive trees located in confiscated lands for the declared purpose of expanding its settlement area. Examples included what took place in the villages of Qattana and Kharrab Al Lahem to the northwest of Jerusalem city, where 3,000 olive trees were uprooted and in Al Madya village to the west of Ramallah city where 2,000 olive trees were uprooted. The uprooted trees from the 'Roman type' which lasts for hundreds of years.
The most revolting action taken by Israel in this regard was the uprooting of a large number of olive trees and then replanting them in a park near the Central railway Station in Tel Peut district of Jerusalem. The park was named after the legendary Dr. Martin Luther King. They wanted to pay tribute for this human rights advocate by planting stolen trees in his honor!!!!.
Olive tree stealing continues in villages of Beit Awwa, Sikka and Deir Samit in Hebron governorate
The Land Research Center's field worker visited the place of incident, where the Israeli Segregation Wall in the above-mentioned three villages is being constructed ( in the western side of the Governorate of Hebron). More than 3,000 olive trees were uprooted from these locations as the Israeli bulldozers are still working on the sites.
Description of the Stealing Process:
The first stage started by sawing branches of Olive trees by electrical saws in a way that allows new ones to grow. See Photo 1 & Photo 2