Raccoon Collective Solstice Benefit Party

from a Raccoon Collective e-mail

Hey yall. We are having a summer solstice benefit party at the Nut House (2220 Walnut rd.) on Thurs. June 21st. It is going to be a benefit for the future space as well as the Olympia Family Barter Faire. There will be music all day, dance, drink, a cafe, butoh, games, a kids corner, a silent art auction, as well as a bunch of other fun stuff. We will start partying at noon and go until really late. Volunteers to come and help out with various things throughout the day, as well as folks that just want to lay on blankets and enjoy the sun, are all welcome. Please come, and bring your friends and families.

ARTISTS-- We are going to have a silent auction to benefit the space and that means we need art. If you have anything to donate, write to raccooncollective(at)gmail(dot)come, or just bring the art to the Nut House on the day of the party. Collective skill share to bring in capital for collective dreams.