State of Emergency Declared, Update on Closures

(Olympia, WA) Olympia Mayor Mark Foutch has declared a state of emergency due to localized flooding and potential damage to City infrastructure from today’s rain and wind storm. The declaration allows the City to suspend normal bidding procedures and make emergency arrangements with private contractors for services. The City of Olympia fully activated its emergency operations center (EOC) at 10:30 a.m. this morning to monitor and respond to storm related events.

Garfield Nature Trail Closed Garfield Nature Trail is closed due to mudslides across portions of the trail and a sewer line separation.

Garfield Sewer Trestle A portion of City sewer line suspended by a trestle along the ravine at Garfield Nature Trail has separated. The City is using its emergency powers to arrange for a contractor to evaluate and repair the line.

Decatur Street The City of Olympia is temporarily opening Decatur Street at Caton Way for emergency vehicle response only.

Roads Close The following streets are closed due to flooding: Both Cooper Point Road and Black Lake Boulevard from the Highway 101 intersection to Capital Mall Drive. Grandview Avenue at Madison West Bay Drive between Brawne Avenue and Raft Hill

Motorists are reminded: Always obey and do not go around “road closed” signs. They are there for your protection. If you see excessive water in the roadway, avoid the area if possible. Never drive through flowing water, a foot of water can float most cars. Keep an emergency kit in your car. Listen to the radio for traffic updates, and follow recommended routes. Avoid unnecessary trips.

For information about road closures contact Olympia Public Works at 753-8588 (Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) or visit our website at for updates or information on road closures and flooding.



....West Bay Drive between Brawne Avenue and Raft Hill


Not for those us with dinghies! Road closed, bay open! :-p


Sorry. I thought I was going to walk downtown this morning, and thinking there was only a"bit" of surface water, stepped right into about two feet of water....

Does a state of emergency mean I get go Mad Max on Oly now?  :-p  (kidding here people, only kidding)


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slip slidding away

Last winter the winds, this winter the water. We should start a line on Winter '08.

Thanks for posting this.

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