stevenl in cryogenic chamber

I'll be away from OlyBlog for awhile both as moderator and contributor. I do plan on still writing columns for Olympia Power & Light and maintaining my personal blog, but in this venue I'll be absent for a time.

Have fun and be good to each other. I'll be back.


hard working man

Steve is taking a well deserved break, he has been riding herd on the spammers and insulters daily for awhile now.

Rick, Thad, and Berd - I suggest new mods be found soon. :) I temp have mod powers at the moment in case I see any outright attack posts, but I'm not going to do any spam work.

Laurian, Gug, Meta, Phil are some of my nominations for potential mods.


Thank you to Steve for all your hard work and excellent contributions.

I hope we'll see you back around before 50 or 100 years. Enjoy the time away!