Support the State Street 29 during Artswalk


Just for the record

At this point, I have no idea how many or which of these 29 people are guilty of anything (other than being arrested). Somebody certainly sprayed Tony Overman's camera, etc..., but as far as I know none of my witty fellow commenters in this thread know whether or not any of the people who were arrested are actually the people who did those things, or which of them are the people who did them, if some of them did...

That's what the presumption of innocence, prosecutors, evidence - and adequate legal counsel for the accused - are for. So, though I certainly didn't think this protest made much sense as a political tactic, I think a legal defense fund is a good thing.

(I share the feeling that the grandiosity of calling for "nation wide" support for a "Community Cook-Out" in Olympia is a little ridiculous and might well incline one to a witty approach, though...) And there's probably an unbridgeable gap between the political, social and moral assumptions behind "Finally, we demand: DROP THE CHARGES!" and mine.

I do think that if you protest by breaking the law, you should be willing to go to trial and accept the consequences if you're found guilty. But that's because I still believe that working for the rule of law (as it should be legislated and enforced, in spite of all its actual biases and shortcomings) is better than deciding that the system is so hopeless and corrupt that one has to try to live outside it. (Which I take to be the fundamental conviction of those 93 pages of French theory in "The Call," and of "Bloom.")

I also think it's sad and terrible that our world and our country are in such shape that "The Call" is a plausible political and moral analysis.


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If you are doing something against the law, the police will help you find a balance in your activities. Quit causing problems because you are bored or need life direction and be a productive and contributing member of our society. Mark Moore
Mark Moore

i've always thought

I've always thought that if you were going to sacrifice yourself for a cause, you needed to be prepared to pay the cost. There is always a cost. Even forgiveness incurs a cost. One of the things you do when you dress up and vandalize, regardless of how noble your cause, is know that you will pay a price. The next question is "who will have to pay it?" Obviously many of the State Street 29 thought that they were using someone else's charge card. It seems like someone is thinking that with some nice graphic design and some donated hot dogs, there may not have to be much of a cost...

But there is a cost. The community is paying some of it, albeit unwillingly, the cops are paying some of it (through time allocation and hassle and some pain) and there's going to be some cost to the perps. It's sort of hard to stick it to someone without sticking it to yourself. Love is about stopping the sticking altogether, or allowing yourself to be stuck in the right circumstances.

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Dave Shackelford

Maybe they can critique

Maybe they can critique which brands of spraypaint work best in certain applications!

public support

You guys are bordering on ridiculous. You've so effectively managed to turn everyone against you, and FOR the police, if I were a conspiracy theorist, I'd say you guys are actually supporters of brutal police. You've even managed to alienate people who believe what you do, let alone convince ANYBODY else to take up your cause and now you want people to pay your legal bills???? hahaha I'd just drop it completely. Seriously. Take your lumps and hopefully learn something. You've even given the police justifiable reason to be violent, and a community justifiable reason to want more police protection downtown. As far as I can see you've failed on every single level that you could possibly fail. The way I see it - you guys need to support the police. With your success rate, that is the quickest way to turn the public against them.

Will there be a Dunk Tony Overmann Tank?


No, but there will be

workshops on creative graffiti techniques, plate glass and the modern anarchist, and how to assault a police officer(Wealthy parent's dub).

That's too bad...

I was hoping to see Tony in a Speedo. He sports some pretty big glass I hear.