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Ridiculous Ad for Ramtha on The Olympian

Ramtha site:  RSE’s advertisements in prominent Puget Sound newspapers

Hopefully no one will be suckered into the group with these ads.


Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling

Enlighten Me Free - information and discussion with former RSE members

Skeptic's Dictionary on Ramtha

Thank you Olympian Newspaper!

Thank you to The Olympian Newspaper for the big block letter headline and above the fold front page weekend coverage!

We love you! We only wish that next time the article will include a clear and concise analysis to connect the dots between Wall Street style predatory economics and the variety of social ills we have experienced, everything ranging from houselessness to violent crime to disease.

Occupy Olympia location is a haven for homeless

Unpublished LTE, May 2011

update: I moved this from the book outline "Unpublished Letters to the Editor of The Olympian" to the book outline "Letters The Olympian refused to print" because the latter book outline is newer, even though it is unclear why the letter has not been printed (nor published online.)

update 2: more information about the protest and prosecution of our acts: protest trial tomorrow

Here's an unpublished letter to the editor of The Olympian. It was submitted on the 2nd of May.

An interesting admission from the Olympian Editorial staff


"Johnson was arrested after a Thurston County sheriff’s K9, Rex, found a wallet belonging to Stark..."

Seriously Olympian, can't you guys actually proofread before publishing your articles? Geez what a bunch of amateurs

Olympian newsroom


I'm going to give you a really honest answer, pdasroo. The answer is
pretty much no, we don't have time to proofread. That's what happens
when seven people are left doing the job that 49 did four years ago (seriously).
I'll admit that comments like these hurt; it feels like being kicked
when we're down. I understand that it's eternally fashionable to
criticize the local paper as an institution -- I've worked for the
Reeking Urinal, the Slimes, the Daily Zero and other papers with easily mocked names -- because institutions can be seen as having damaging agendas and no faces. But the few people left here are real, and we are trying as hard as we can.




Walking Against the Wars

The Olympian has a story by Rolf Boone about the March 2011 Global Day of Listening. Find it here.

Letter to the Editor by Anne Fischel

Letter to the Editor by Anne Fischel in today's Olympian about community divisions and polarization surrounding the conflict in Israel/Palestine: Anne's letter is important because it testifies to predisposed polarization—polarization that has been present previous to the OFC boycott. 

Editorial Board Letter of Interest

I submitted a letter of interest to serve on the Editorial Board of The Olympian. I was not selected.

Here's the letter (with an additional intro as posted in a facebook note):

An open letter to the Olympian re: It’s a rough neighborhood

In responce to an article about an arson fire at the new city hall.

Dear Mr. Le Masurier

I write to object to four words in the reportage of the recent arson fire at the new city hall.

“It’s a rough neighborhood.” he (Rick Dougherty) said.

The statement is demonstrably untrue but more to the point it re-enforces the negative stereotypes about downtown. Hundreds of people from all walks of life are actively collaborating to create vibrant, exciting and attractive downtown. Throwaway lines like the one I’ve cited above nullify the hundreds of hours of our work in mere seconds.

I am not asking the Olympian to paint an endlessly rosy portrait of downtown. There are real issues that deserve, nay demand, objective, critical coverage but all too often I find your paper’s coverage of downtown Olympia fall into three stereotypes:

·        Downtown is dying economically.

·        Downtown is unsafe.

·        Downtown is filled with vagrants.

3rd Congressional District Candidates Forum

A candidate forum for Washington's 3rd Congressional district primary. Presented by Thurston Community Television, The Olympian and the League of Women Voters - Thurston County. Live at the Olympia Center, July 1st, 2010  at 7 PM in Olympia, WA.  The forum will also be televised live on TCTV Channel 22, as well as streaming on the internet.

Letter to the Editor Published Today

I recently submitted a letter to the editor of The Olympian, and it was published today. Here it is edited slightly for clarity, amended for accuracy, and with additional comment:

Washington needs a state income tax
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