State of the State Budget and What To Do

Lack of budget, furloughs and lay-offs for the working class...meanwhile the richest have never been richer.

Is it possible that here we have corruption to blame? Systemic corruption in the form of special influence for money, (much of it ill-begotten and based in violent practices, environmentally destructive industries, exploitative labor practices, etc.) Perhaps?

...Meanwhile, beautiful sunsets abound. Those of us with sufficient privilege travel, enjoy recreation, maybe even find some sense of peace and/or solace in the beauty of nature, hobbies, music, photography...what have you.

And then there are all of those (by some measures, more than 2 billion people) who have been not able to enjoy such experiences, because of distresses caused by poverty (and who are also, arguably, in some ways, happier than those of us in the "first world.")

This system we call "ours" enforces poverty. Tremendously extreme wealth for a tiny fractional few depends on the extraction of wealth from the great many. The present system depends upon poverty.

YDHWM with Susan and Catron

Catron lasted about 10 days before slipping back into drinking.

People are still working on getting him into inpatient treatment for chemical dependency. He says that he really wants to go to treatment. He appears to be suffering pretty bad. He says that his drinking buddy got put in jail last night. Might be a good thing. If you ask me.


Wealth and Merit and Oppression

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Against Oppression, Against Bullying

Some people have so much more wealth than others. (The wealthiest one percent control 90% of the nation's wealth!)

What is required in order to amass such wealth? Is this wealth the result of merit and hard work, or is it possible that some of this extreme wealth actually requires some form or another of...

Bring Our Billions Home

The Olympia FOR is participating in a larger campaign by the Western Washington FOR (Fellowship of Reconciliation) to "Bring Our Billions Home." The concept is to shift military spending that is geared toward conquest and imperialism, to peaceful alternatives, like healthcare (especially for wounded military personnel,) environmental protection and to promote full employment. As part of the campaign, we are asking people to write monthly postcards to their representatives. Here's an example:

Bring Our Billions Home
Bring Our Billions Home

"Socialist" Bank Thriving During Economic "Downturn"


(AP) The Bank of North Dakota - the nation's only state-owned bank - might seem to be a relic.

But now officials in other states are wondering if it is helping North Dakota sail through the national recession.

Gubernatorial candidates in Florida and Oregon and a Washington state legislator are advocating the creation of state-owned banks in those states. A report prepared for a Vermont House committee last month said the idea had "considerable merit." Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore promotes the bank on his Web site.

USA Needs to Stop Killing, Lying, and Stealing

I wrote this last night, when I couldn't sleep, filled with wonder that access to the political realms in our country seems to be relegated to only those with the most wealth and ambition (or, please excuse me, is that avarice.) I couldn't sleep, thinking about how so many people are suffering, while others go around with money to burn... And where is the nobility in profiting off the sweat equity of the poor? There is no dignity for anyone, rich and poor alike, when labor is exploited, and people are treated as if they are unworthy of being treated well. We all face challenges, hardships, life for many people is filled with near constant distress, the world for many people is a mean and scary place. Even just a taste of that is enough for most people. But the reality is that the world is hurtful and harmful, and it doesn't need to be like this. The world could be totally different. It could be mutually supportive, mutually reaffirming, mutually beneficial. Yada, yada, yada, anyway, here is what I wrote last night, in case you're interested: The U.S.A. NEEDS to stop killing, lying, and stealing! Why? Because it is making me sick, and I am not alone. It is making me sick, and it is making many other people sick too. Look: people are dying because of this, (even right here in our own local communities.) Families are being torn apart. The planet is being polluted. Species are being driven to extinction left and right. The U.S.A. NEEDS to stop killing, lying, cheating, and stealing—because people—many people—are suffering unnecessarily. And because people—ALL PEOPLE—deserve to be treated well. I need the U.S.A. TO APOLOGIZE. Please join me in asking the U.S.A. to apologize. I need the U.S.A. TO APOLOGIZE for what it has done to the world, and for what it is continuing to do to the world. I need Congress, and/or at least The White House, to make genuine and sincere apologies. I need the U.S.A. to make amends, and to make reparations.

Capital Youth Symphony Experiences a Renaissance in 28th Season

Capital Youth Symphony Experiences a Renaissance in 28th Season

First Concert Nov.20, 7 p.m.

 The Capital Youth Symphony is pleased to announce its 2010-11 concert season. The students will study the Renaissance, an examination into the rebirth of culture, and perform pieces that define the movement.

Performances for the 2010-11 season are: A Panorama of Italy, Nov. 20, 7 p.m.; An Impression of France, Mar. 12, 2011, 7 p.m.; and A Vision of England, May 14, 2011, 7 p.m.

All performances are held at the Kenneth J. Minnaert Performing Arts Center at South Puget Sound Community College. For tickets, call (360) 956-1892 or visit

The Capital Youth Symphony is composed of three student groups: the Debut String Philharmonic, who perform at an advanced elementary and beginning middle school level; the Premiere Repertory Orchestra, at the middle school and beginning high school level; and the Capital Youth Symphony, featuring students at an advanced high school level.

The Nov. 20 concert will feature the debut of Jeffrey Lund as conductor of the Youth Symphony.

 "It's very exciting to have the opportunity to encourage and develop the talents of these young musicians in an organization like the Capital Youth Symphony,” said Lund. “I am eager to uphold the traditions of this organization, and it is a privilege to begin a new chapter in its history - one focused on musical excellence and in the enjoyment of its students, their parents and the community."

The Capital Youth Symphony is proud to offer a 28th season of bringing the musical arts to area students and putting together the highest-quality symphony experiences for our community.

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