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Centralia Steam Plant

On a country drive yesterday, snapped a couple of pictures of the Centralia Steam Plant: the generator is the single largest point source of carbon emissions in Washington State [See on Map]. I had to wait about 10 minutes for a coal train to cross before proceeding from SR507 onto Big Hanaford Road.

Centralia Steam
Centralia Steam Plant

Centralia steamer
Centralia Steamer

Coal fired capacity is 1340 MW, and the plant is capable of burning up to nine 110 car coal trains per week. According to Internet sources, Transalta has been working hard in recent years to clean up its Centralia operations. Still, annual releases of mercury, a neuro-toxin, are estimated to be around 350 pounds. Exposure to mercury has been linked to intellectual and other developmental disabilities. In a deal with former Governor Gregoire, and the Department of Ecology, the plant owners and operators have agreed to shut down the coal burning operation by 2025.

Media starting with a couple of short videos:

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