Earth Day is Coming Right Up

I post the following in anticipation of Earth Day this year, which will be on Thursday, April 22, 2010:

Bursting White Flower by ˇBerd with Quote by Aldo Leopold, We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect. - Aldo Leopold
"We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect." - Aldo Leopold

Dry Beam Docking

Dry Beam Docking Maneuver 10:00 AM Saturday, April 3, 2010

According to a Port of Olympia press release:

The Dry Beam is expected to arrive at the Port of Olympia's Marine Terminal on April 3, 2010. The vessel will be loading logs and is expected to depart on April 8, 2010.

Steamship Line: Toyo Lines
From: Japan
Flag: Singapore
Cargo: 7.4 million board feet of logs
Going to: Japan
Stevedore: Jones Stevedoring
Agent: General Steamship
Number of Shifts: 6
Total terminal Hrs*: 2,280 hours
Departing: April 8, 2010
Tug: Crowley

* This includes labor from longshore, the Port and Weyerhaeuser.

Five Photos (20100315)

Priest Point and Olympic Mountains
Priest Point and Olympic Mountains

No Swimming
On the pier out beyond this sign there are creosoted pilings.

Capitol Lake Draining in Progress

Capitol Lake is scheduled to be drained by midnight tonight. "Action to contain New Zealand mud snails at Capitol Lake": General Administration News Release

In other news, I was at Priest Point Park this afternoon where I saw the water was as high as I have ever seen it. The lesser high tide was predicted to occur at about 4 pm, at an estimated height of 14.4. If what I saw was really a 14.4, I wonder what a 17 or 18 foot tide would have looked like. The higher high tides over the next few days are predicted to happen in the neighborhood of 6 am. I also noticed that the low tides have been particularly low the last couple days. I use tide predictions from saltwatertides.com.

- Berd

From the GA:

Rally to Protect Our Future

Washington State Rally for Environment, Education, and Labor

Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympia, WA — Thousands of people, the crowd size was estimated to be 6,000, rallied on the steps of the Washington State Capitol Legislative Building.

The rally was for the Environment, for Education, and for Labor - as well as against budget cuts that would hurt people.

There were a lot of people advocating for single-payer health care, and also for substantial reform to the tax system. Washington State has the most regressive tax structure of any state in the USA. Some of the proposals in the legislature, like increases to sales taxes, would actually make the tax system even more unfair.

Many of the speeches talked about the need to protect the social safety net, the importance to maintain structures that make society a caring place, and to focus on fairness, equity and justice in the areas of labor environment and education.

None of the speeches during the hour or so long rally touched on the topic of how to raise the revenue.

After the rally I attended a Sisters Organizing for Survival (SOS) meeting. SOS is part of the Radical Women organization. This group is currently organizing an effort toward a progressive state income tax. During the meeting people talked about their experiences at the rally and lobbying for a couple bills that would establish an income tax in the state.

Protecting Against Environmental Degradation, Recognizing the Rights of Nature

[updated with segment from Democracy Now! and an additional comment.]

Regarding the discussion about Capitol Lake, it seems to me that the lake is unnatural and environmentally destructive. It seems to make sense that the correct way forward - the way that it ecologically correct (and therefore in the long-run also economically correct and socially just) - is to restore function to the natural estuarine ecosystem.

[Additional comment:
I think it's understandable, considering how industrialization has divorced us, as a society, from the natural world, how it would be difficult to imagine living - to imagine life - in an environment that comes complete within healthy ecosystems, to imagine life in a stable and productive ecosystem, an ecosystem that is teeming with life. It's a real contradiction with our present reality of ecological disease; at one time this area teemed with wildlife. For my part, I believe that to restore ecological health, vibrancy and vitality is an ideal to strive for.

Democracy Now! video below]

The following is a three part video series containing a speech by Mari Margil about law, environmental protection and regulation, and corporate power. After the videos there is an excerpt from and a link to a related article by Mari Margil from Yes! Magazine.

Video Description: The associate director of the Community Environmental Defense Fund (CELDF) describes the inspiring, groundbreaking work she and CELDF are doing to recognize Rights of Nature in law in both the U.S. and Ecuador, which recently became the worlds first nation to enshrine such rights in its constitution.

Part One:

Mari Margil Part 1 (of 3)

See Parts Two and Three

Ecopsychology Article in the NYT Magazine

The NYT Magazine recently featured an article about ecopsychology. This is a topic I am very interested in, because a large source of my distress comes from witnessing the degradation of the natural environment here on Earth. It's so sad to see what humanity is doing to the planet and the living systems of this wonderful world.

Here's a link to the article and an excerpt. This article doesn't say it all, but it's nice to see ecopsychology get some recognition in the mainstream. It's also a decent starting point for learning about the field:

Is There an Ecological Unconscious?

Daniel B. Smith

What if our society was rational?

What if our society was rational? A couple of aspects that it would make sense to change would be to use a soli-lunar calendar, and to get rid of the change between daylight savings time and standard time.

Here's a song/video I love. Jodi Mitchell, Shine:

You May Have Missed MCS Month, But You Will Not Miss the Scent

So, what IS that scent you are wearing? There are no laws requiring the manufacturers of perfumes and other scented products to inform you of their ingredients. When byproducts form by combining them, they don’t have to tell consumers that either.

In the US the word "fragrance" on your ingredients list can be up to 200 undisclosed chemicals, from a pool of 2000, that do not have to be tested for safety. In fact, many of them are known to cause health problems.

It is no wonder that 30% of Americans have reactions ranging from noticeable to debilitating to such products and other chemicals. An estimated 4-6% of these people are forced to change their daily lives dramatically due to severe sensitivity to chemicals. These people suffer an invisible illness, that recieves little recognition. Acknowledgement would point the finger at the big business of chemical production and use, and there are 80,000 chemicals in products used by Americans every day.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, or MCS, is a disability that causes individuals to react to even the lowest levels of toxics because of previous chemical exposure. New exposures do not "bother" but further "injure" those with prior chemical injury.

Inundated with pollutants and toxins it is impossible for those affected with MCS to carry on their lives as usual. This includes family and friends. If they want to assist in the better health and maintain a relationship with their loved one, they must make the neccessary changes of eliminating such products from their environment.

Those who develop this lowered tolerance are often industrial workers, occupants in "tight" buildings, residents from contaminated communities, war veterans and individuals with personal exposures to chemicals in a world growing more toxic.

My Story

Time for the USA to Pay its Debt

I want to remind everyone again about the great coverage from Copenhagen provided by Democracy Now! - Please consider checking out the last two week's of shows.

Here's a segment from an interview with Vandana Shiva, by Amy Goodman, from a few days ago.

Democracy Now! December 14, 2009 with Vandana Shiva

VANDANA SHIVA: I think it’s time for the US to stop seeing itself as a donor and recognizing itself as a polluter, a polluter who must pay, a polluter who must pay compensation and pay their ecological debt. This is not about charity. This is about justice.

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