Recent Photos, mostly ships and trains some comments about fracksand "proppants" and explosive oil train shipments...

Logs Loaded, Cranes Stowed for Departure
Weyerhaeuser logs loaded aboard Sun Ruby at Port of Olympia Marine Terminal. Lately I have been wondering how much these logs are worth.

Sun Ruby Log Ship
Sun Ruby loading logs, last week.

UP Container Shipment
Union Pacific container train, video:

Rails of South Thurston CountyRails

Global Peace Bulk Carrier
Global Peace bulk log carrier finishing stages of loading

Dr. Wendy Ring MD, MPH, Climate 911: The Health Effects of Climate Change

99 minutes,

Dr. Wendy Ring visited Olympia in July, on the first leg of her continental bicycle tour to Washington D.C. on a route to follow the coal trains, and Keystone XL Pipeline, and other prominent features of the fossil fuel industry. The goal of her journey is to raise awareness amongst the healthcare community of the health effects of climate change. For more information about her effort please visit Climate 911: What's the emergency?.

Dr. Ring's Olympia presentation was sponsored by Physcians for Social Responsibility, Transition Olympia, and Olympia F.O.R.

Cash Mob for Community Health!

as reported by Marissa Luck:

People mobbed Olympia Supply with cash and brought supplies to the OUCH (Olympia Unit for Community Health) street clinic.

Here are a couple photos:



Marissa has more of the story in an article on the Olympia Power and Light website, here

<3, OO

Community Health

The Olympia Unit for Community Health has returned to a location in downtown Olympia. For all the details, please navigate your web-browser in this direction: some details include: "This morning at 6:30 am Occupy Olympia set up a 24 hour street clinic in a political protest. Come protest the lack of basic human rights given to people in our community. Water, restrooms and food are relatively inexpensive, and there is no excuse for budget cuts affecting social services to people in need.

Music starts at noon, Coffee Creek bus in tandem with Food Not Bombs will be serving food, come join us for a day of family friendly fun!"

There's also a Facebook Page here.

Come Join our Stormwater Stewards! Trained community resources for stormwater management.

Volunteers Sought for New “Stormwater Stewards” Program
Thurston County Stormwater Utility/Stream Team Program and WSU Extension arerecruiting volunteers to train as "Stormwater Stewards." The program works with localresidents to help reduce pollution in our local waterways and Puget Sound from stormwaterrunoff.
Volunteers receive training in many aspects of on-site stormwater management includingrain gardens, water-wise plants, sloped biodetention hedgerows, pervious pavements,vegetated roofs, and more. Trained volunteers use their new expertise to work in teams toprovide guidance to homeowners who want to do their part to protect local waterways andPuget Sound.

Classes and hands-on field trainings will be held in the evenings and on weekends toaccommodate work schedules. Landscaping professionals are also encouraged to take part inthe volunteer certification program. The training dates are evenings on Thursdays, May 10,17, 31, June 7 and 21, with field days on June 10, 23, and 30.

To learn more and receive an application packet, contact WSU Extension’s Native PlantSalvage Program at or 360-867-2164.

Yoga to Keep You on Your Toes (or Hands, or Head!)

Tuesdays at Living Spirit Yoga, in downtown Olympia, is the home of the Hatha Vinyasa* class. The energetic class is taught by Sophia, who has just returned from 6 months traveling in India and China, studying yoga, ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. Sophia has just completed her second level of yoga teacher training, now with a total of 500 training hours, and has been teaching for the past 3 and a half years. This class is moderately paced, and incorporates fun sequencing to encourage playfulneess. Emphasis is on alignment, personal expression, and strengthening both body and spirit. Eclectic music is one source of inspiration for the class. *Vinyassa literally means "to move in a special way," interpreted as flowing movement in accordance with breath, though it has taken on the connotation of "power yoga" in the West. This class is geared towards syncing with our own rhythms. Hatha Vinyasa with Sophia Tuesdays 5:30-7pm First class FREE, drop in $15 8 Class-Card: $80 **Some asana experience is suggested. Questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions? Contact Sophia at (Living Spirit Yoga is located at 911 5th Ave SE @ 5th and Pear, past Sizizis)

How emotions cause disease and illness

Restoring emotional and soul balance for all sentient beings,

How to safely and effortlessly release negative emotions to heal your illness and heal your life:

Experience Hope Seminars - This Thursday at 6 p.m.

Please join us this Thursday night, April 8, for an eye-opening disclosure regarding how to experience vibrant physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health in the midst of today’s most challenging crises yet. You will learn how to apply the laws of nature and life that will assist in restoring you to the person you were always meant to be. You will also understand how today’s top news stories and current landmark events have their parallel and foundation in an ancient past. Through an examination of one of the most prolific and personal of all living documents, you will discover that everything in this life is not as it seems. DATE: Every Thursday, beginning April 8 TIME: 6 p.m. LOCATION: Java Flow Coffee House 207 Washington Street NE Olympia, WA 98501 CONTACT: Liberty of Conscience Preservation Council PHONE: (360) 402-1154

Weyerhauser Log Lifters at the Port of Olympia

Weyerhauser Log Lifters at the Port of Olympia Weyerhauser employs a lot of people. I think that's good. And it's a solid argument for the present existence of the company. But despite the present day economic value of Weyerhauser's business, do we have a full accounting for all of the costs of Weyerhauser's business activities? Do we know about the full extent of environmental degradation, loss of habitat and threatened species that result from industrial logging practices? Do we know and understand the financial practices of the company, and the disparity in wealth and income between the various strata of people who are employed at, and/or who own, the company?

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