Artswalk and Procession

Spring Artswalk and Procession seemed to have been great this year. The weather on Friday was excellent and the crowd was large, and turnout for the Procession main event on Saturday seemed to be great. Stationed around the intersection of Jefferson and Legion, along with thousands of others downtown, I watched the whole Procession go by. The Whale was awesome, as was the Slime Mold with the rainbow trail, and how about that Giraffe, incredible—its neck was able to bend down for its head to get a few feet away from touching the ground. Wow. People must have a lot of stories about their experiences over the weekend, I hope you made it to see the wonders!

Tony Overman has photos on The Olympian website: here.

Laura Killian posted photos (see Procession of the Species Celebration Collection 2013), including this one of the Giraffe:
Jerry the Giraffe Clears the First Lines
Jerry the Giraffe Clears the First Lines

I used a video camera, on loan from TCTV, to help get footage for the YDHWM (Your Daily Hour With Me) program.

Here are a couple samples, some more were shared on the program recorded live last Saturday night, and schedueld to go hyper-live broadcast next Saturday night (at the customary 11:30pm time, TCTV Channel 22.)

JFK Speech about Secrecy and Media

I found this youtube video via link posted on the ☮ccupy Eugene Twitter Account.

Olympia Power & Light

Olympia Power and Light has coverage of Olympia Occupy Wall St. solidarity efforts in its most recent Nov 2-15 issue. Make sure to pick up a copy! Thanks

Thank you Olympian Newspaper!

Thank you to The Olympian Newspaper for the big block letter headline and above the fold front page weekend coverage!

We love you! We only wish that next time the article will include a clear and concise analysis to connect the dots between Wall Street style predatory economics and the variety of social ills we have experienced, everything ranging from houselessness to violent crime to disease.

Occupy Olympia location is a haven for homeless

Occupy Wall Street Media Analysis

Media Workshop at People's Movement Assembly on October 29th

I just added an event to the calendar to pick up the PMA on October 29th. I hope someone from Olyblog will take part in the media workshop at 2:35 to talk about how Olyblog fits into the local indy media network.  get in touch with me at to follow up and formalize about that.  Thanks

here is the psa:

Upcoming People's Movement Assembly announcement

-Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace

Need something settled

So I moved into town recently and am trying to get acquainted with the activists; looking at different groups to help out, going to events and demos, meetings, etc. Almost every time I ask where I can go in Olympia to find some folks to work with people say, "Well there's Media Island, but you probably shouldn't go there." When I would ask why I'd get a variety or reasons ranging from the building is unsafe, they allow sexual harassment, they don't respect their volunteers, it's just a "boys club", the list went on and on. Then I had done some searching on the group Media Island and found a review that seemed to back up most of what people had said ( I recently ran into some folks and asked them what they thought about media island; they said that it's a okay place but not many people go there and they don't know why. I was wondering, since this is the community of Olympia's blog, if anyone here had opinions on Media Island and could give me some background on it.

A Coupla Articles

Juxtaposing these articles, what is happening in the media, what is happening in the White House? These are interesting stories about the rich and powerful, what they have done to get where they are—in positions of power over others—and what they do to stay there. The first article, by Tim Dickinson, is about Roger Ailes, FOX News Chief. The second article, by Chris Hedges, is about the relationship between Cornell West and President Obama. Anyway, I think these stories are important for people to read, to be informed about what is happening in modern America.


How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory

The onetime Nixon operative has created the most profitable propaganda machine in history. Inside America's Unfair and Imbalanced Network

By Tim Dickinson
May 25, 2011 8:00 AM ET

At the Fox News holiday party the year the network overtook archrival CNN in the cable ratings, tipsy employees were herded down to the basement of a Midtown bar in New York. As they gathered around a television mounted high on the wall, an image flashed to life, glowing bright in the darkened tavern: the MSNBC logo. A chorus of boos erupted among the Fox faithful. The CNN logo followed, and the catcalls multiplied. Then a third slide appeared, with a telling twist. In place of the logo for Fox News was a beneficent visage: the face of the network’s founder. The man known to his fiercest loyalists simply as "the Chairman" – Roger Ailes.

Free Skool Olympia's February Calendar out now!

The newly revived and under new (no)management Free Skool Olympia has come out with its February calendar of classes!

Free Skool Olympia is an autonomous, all ages, egalitarian, volunteer-run collective which works to offer a wide range of workshops, classes, trainings, and skill shares freely to the community. The Free Skool offers a direct challenge to educational, economic, and social systems that oppress and divide our communities by providing vibrant alternatives to those systems and safe places for them to thrive so that we may begin to imagine and build a truly free world.

This month features classes on:

  • Algebra
  • Art and Activism
  • Book Binding
  • Computer Security
  •  Freestyle Rap
  • Haiku & Asian Poetry
  • History
  •  Knot Tying & Climbing
  • Media
  •  Musical Saw Playing
  •  Mycology
  •  Peace Psychology
  • Really Really Safe Sex
  • Self Defense
  • Sign Language
  • Stick 'N' Poke Tattoos

As well as a Black History Reading Group, White Privilege Reading Group, film showings, a Stitch 'N' Knit circle, and a Theatre of the Oppressed troupe!

All classes are absolutely free. The whole month's calendar, which includes descriptions, times, and locations is attached to this post!

Child care will be provided at classes on request. If you have child care or accessibility needs, contact the facilitator of the class you'd like to attend.

To find out more about the Free Skool, you can come to our general meetings every Sunday, 2:00pm at Media Island (816 Adams St. SE) or find us on Facebook. To contact us, e-mail olyfreeskool (at) riseup (dot) net

95% of Water Pumped in Gaza Strip is Unfit for Drinking

Update 9 Sep '10: In order to illuminate the local relevance of the following story from B'Tselem, about water in the Gaza Strip, I am adding the following preface:

One aspect of the conversation that has come up about the Oly Food Co-op boycott of products from Israel is the idea that it would have been better to pursue dialogue and seek consensus before enacting an agreement and engaging in the removal of products from shelves. I have heard that it would have been better to do this even if it would have taken "years" to reach a mutually agreeable consensus amongst all stake-holders.

The following article makes it clear to me why there is reason—urgent reason—to NOT delay, and to instead pursue BDS vigorously and assertively. There is good reason to proceed with urgency.

Because BDS seeks to address Aggression committed by the government of Israel against Palestinians, it makes sense to pursue BDS as a tactic in a way that mirrors the urgency of the crisis wrought by those same crimes against peace and crimes against humanity.

I also want to add something that I think should seem obvious, but goes without being stated nearly as often as I believe is justified by its importance in the ongoing conflict. (And please cut me some slack and forgive me if I am not stating this in the most sensitive manner.) What I am thinking about is that the cause of "Palestinian violence toward Israel/Israelis" is the very same apartheid to which they have been subjected. The Nakba. The creation of the Jewish State, unwelcome to so many—the great many whose concerns were invalidated and whose resistance stomped down with military force and precision.

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