Olympia Pop Rocks- New Local Podcast Features Olympia Artists , Musicians, and Community Activists

I've been really enjoying "Olympia Pop Rocks" a locally produced, bi-monthly podcast that features interviews with Olympians involved in art, music and community activism. Recent interviewees include story-teller and performer Elizabeth Lord, commedian Sam Miller, and Meg Martin of Interfaith Works Emergency Shelter.

Scenes from Around the County

A couple of videos, one with a timber carrier coming alongside the Port Marine Terminal, and another of a drive around the County. I recommend muting the volume, and playing them along to one of your musical favorites, or I suggest watching them while listening along to the album by Sigur Rós, Takk... (all posted below):

Funny Video

"Sidestep - Charles Durning - The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas"

A little bit of humor for the holiday season.

First Olympia Arab Festival

Rachel Corrie Foundation presents 2012 Peace Works 

Shuruq: Olympia's First Arab Festival, October 6, 2012


Amirah Ziada,, (360) 754-3998


Singing a Song on a Winter's Eve | Depraved Behavior in the Financial Industry

walking downtown singing a song the other night, happy mood, on the way to the Olympia Film Society at the Capitol Theater to see the film, "Margin Call." I enjoyed the film. An interesting portrayal of some of the depraved behavior in the financial industry, and the misbehavior of one fictional company. I can imagine that truth might be stranger than fiction on this —and that some of the real behavior and politics in and around the financial industry might even be richer than what was shown in this film.

It also has been recommended to watch the MF Global hearings on CSPAN.

Bethany, Madeline, Marion, and Matilda Interview, + Music by Jabi and Kim

Saturday, 29 October, 2011—Olympia

Saturday, 29 October, 2011

Did we say goodbye?

Can't remember. Take it away, Steve. Bring it, Emmylou. It's hump day.

Labor Day 2011! Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

Thanks for the tunes and the soul, Joe Zawinul! I know there have been a lot of covers of this tune, but I like the Cannonball Adderly version with Joe at the keyboard. Knocks me off my feet.

Funk Night with the Brown Edition at the Royal, Special Benefit performance for Lopez Travel with US Boat to Gaza

Brown Edition
Wednesday 15 June 2011
Funk Night with Brown Edition at the Royal, yesterday was a special benefit performance for Richard Lopez's travel with the US Boat to Gaza.
Richard's site:
US Boat to Gaza:
Brown Edition:

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