OlyBlog Update

Thanks to the hard work of Thad and Nat, it looks like we're back in business. We've still got some work to do, however, so please make a copy of anything important that you post -- we may lose some stuff until we get everything exactly right.

Update: I just had a phone conversation with an OlyBlogger who was concerned that his account had been hacked because there were lots of posts that weren't his. This is a technical issue that we're working on -- some posts don't match the author. We'll get it sorted out soon.

Are we back up?

OlyBlog Goal

I was prompted to think of this by an offline conversation:

My goal for OlyBlog is for it to be a place where everyone (to the greatest extent possible) can feel welcome to participate for the purpose of generating constructive dialogue.

Olympia Power and Light Seeks Input for Reviews

You may have already seen it. Copies are available at locations all throughout town. It's the Olympia Power and Light. And there's a lot ot be excited about for this new publication. One of the features of the new paper will be to review local establishments. And guess what!? One of the first reviews will be for OlyBlog! So check it out. See what else is up for review. Consider sending input about OlyBlog, here's your chance to let the world know what's on your mind!

More information: Olympia Power and Light


I have noticed that I am not receiving email notifications from olyblog. Anyone else not getting notifications?

OlyBlog Censorship

It is unfortunate that OlyBlog thinks THEY are the media and that they are different from the mainstream, corporate media. It has been my (and several others) experience, on numerous occasions, that comments/replies are not posted. I've had better luck posting comments on the corporate media sites you despise...

Has anyone else had this problem? I won't name names and I won't indicate on what topic my comments were censored. However, I will ask for some help in solving this problem. There were no messages indicating why the replies were not posted or who censored it. From your distaste for corporate media, it would seem that this site would pride itself on allowing all voices to be heard.

This site is dominated by a few, very liberal, very narrow-minded members who seem to use it to further the causes they feel are important. What about the other 95% of the city's population? If this site is to be a true source of Olympia news and unbiased comment, the censorship needs to stop.

If you want an audience other than the ultra left, your ways need to change. Otherwise, you are just preaching to the choir, while they are singing...

Glad that OlyBlog is Back

I would like to take this opportunity to suggest, to those whom are able, to consider making a financial donation to support the ongoing efforts at OlyBlog. I am sure that Rick, who runs this joint, would appreciate it.

I miss the sitting duck

Maybe Olyblog could acquire the rights to the old sitting duck and bring it back to life? Another wonderful progressive paper on the street. Wouldn't that be awesome. I'll be the progressive community could fund it through donation and we wouldn't even have to rely on outside funding which could influence direction. Money really is an evil thing anyway. Nobody should have money. Just work for the common good.

does anyone know?

I was wondering after posting on some threads how many users,active users and guests there are on olyblog. could any one post this info? thank you. p.s. it's my 2 year b-day on oly-blog!!!!!!

Making OlyBlog Better

OlyBlog is a place where people can express themselves and communicate. It's a place to share concerns and perspectives that are all too often underrepresented, or even misrepresented or completely unrepresented, in the mainstream media. I would like to think it's a safe place, where people can share openly and honestly without fear of being attacked for their ideas, opinions or beliefs.

So I hope OlyBlog sticks around. I hope that OlyBlog is accessible. I hope it's accessible to the widest array of voices possible. With that thought in mind, is it possible that improvements or changes could be made to make OlyBlog better? Maybe not - that is, maybe it's set up pretty hunky dory. Maybe it's set up pretty much just right as-is.

But, maybe it could be better. What are your thoughts? If you think there is room for improvement, then what would help to make it better? What if that Berd guy wasn't around!? Would quicker page-load times help? Is OlyBlog inclusive enough? Is it intimidating? Difficult to enter the discussion? Are there features you would like to see? Specific problems?

I am interested in hearing constructive criticism and suggestions about the blog from any and all users. Which is not to indicate I have any power in actually changing things around here. But maybe the man behind the curtain will listen if we act nice.

What are some of your thoughts about OlyBlog?


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