Who Deserves Sympathy?

I came across this article today and wanted to pass it on with some thoughts about sexual orientation and sympathy. We live in a pretty competitive world these days. Social darwinism is probably better understood and more influential than the complexities of Darwin's natural selection and evolution, even though there is good reason to spend time trying to understand Darwin's ideas and little reason to spend time on Ayn Rand's warped economic romanticism.

So, James Cantor asks, do pedophiles deserve sympathy?

If you are willing to set aside all of your punitive media and cultural programming and consider Cantor's work, you have my respect. I have thought about the subject of sexual orientation long and hard for a variety of reasons. I have considered the idea that just as most folks are sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex, some other folks are sexually attracted to members of their own sex. I can accept that. It's not my experience, but is our own experience the yardstick by which everything in the universe must be measured?  

I have read and tried to increase my understanding of transgender life. As a boy now trapped in an old man's body, I can imagine how it might feel to have the experience of being a girl trapped in a boy's body or vice versa. Decades of volunteer work in sexual assault response and domestic violence work have sensitized me to some extent to a wide range of human orientation and experience.

Left Foot Organics Volunteer Orientation

Anyone interested in learning more about Left Foot Organics or about participating in the life of our farm is invited to the first OFFICIAL Left Foot Organics Volunteer Orientation on July 11 at 7:00 p.m.  This event will be hosted by the Volunteer Center located at 317 4th Ave E on the third floor in Downtown Olympia.  We hope this orientation will propel potential volunteers to join us in our mission to give people with disabilities and rural youth paid employment skills in selling quality organic produce! 

Engine Repair and Tractor Maintenance Workshop at Left Foot Organics - July 17th!

Left Foot Organics is a local nonprofit organization helping people with disabilities and rural youth to gain job and life skills while growing good food for their community. Now in its eighth year, Left Foot offers paid employment experience and is committed to provide the support each individual needs to overcome their challenges and be successful.

On the third Saturday of each month Left Foot hosts volunteers in the morning to come out and help with farm work.  The farm then provides a hot lunch for volunteers and following lunch a workshop is put on to provide community members with farm  and social skills that are transferable to their everyday lives.

The month of June workshop will feature Hugh Zars of Zarswerks.  Hugh will be teaching and giving hands-on advice about small engine maintenance and tractor repair.  Hugh is a new friend to the farm and has given his time and energy to making sure all our equipment is in tip-top shape.  He is a real expert with years of experience in engine repair and maintenance under his belt! 

The day begins at 10 o'clock for volunteers and lunch is served at noon!  Workshops typically begin around one o'clock.  Please come ready to work in the elements!

Left Foot Organics is located at 11122 Case Road SW, Olympia, 98512, just 3 miles from exit 99 off interstate 5.

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