Starfish Washing Up on Beaches around the Sound

On December 8th, last year, I was walking on the beach around Boston Harbor and Burfoot Park. I saw dozens of starfish washed up. Here are some photos.

Starfish washed up on beach photos

Reports of starfish washing up on beaches around the Puget Sound are being collected on a map at the site, Sick Star Fish Map. Take 5 minutes to watch the explanatory video on their page, How to Help.

gulls with starfish

Great Tidal Flow on the Budd Waterway!

Low Tide

High Tide

Wednesday 2 January 2014, Olympia, WA Percival Landing—At about 06:45, one of the year's highest high-high tides (predicted +16.6 feet) followed one of the year's lowest tides (predicted at -3.5 feet). In case you don't want to do the math, that's a predicted 20 foot fluctuation. In these photos you can also see equipment for current dredging operations, at both the Olympia Yacht Club, and the Port of Olympia Marine Terminal.

Photographs by Mary Randlett, at Salon Refu

Thad recently posted about an exhibition of Mary Randlett's photographs at Salon Refu. Janine Unsoeld recently posted on Little Hollywood about the showing. Have a look see.

Fracking Proppants in the Port of Olympia

Shipment of Proppants for Fracking
Photo from Sunday 8 September 2013, after unloading proppants and coils to be used in the hydraulic fracturing industry of North Dakota Bakken extreme oil shale extraction, MV Star Gran prepares to depart from the Port of Olympia Marine Terminal.




Evening Walk in the Woods, Watershed Park

now updated with video



And by the way, happy Jewish New Year, 5774

Local Power, Sustainability, and Democracy

Campaign for Local Power —The above video tells some of the story of the recent successful electrical municipalization effort in Boulder Colorado. It also says that the power company, Excel energy, is mounting an election campaign to challenge the successful grass roots effort (they were outspent 10 to 1 — similar to what happened here in Thurston with the Public Power Initiative.)

So what do you think? Do you like the idea of clean, sustainable, renewable supplies of power? You know, PSE uses coal to generate about 1/3 of electricity supplied to the Puget Sound region, yes it's true. And much of that coal fired electricity comes from a coal plant all the way over in Eastern Montana, from a company town called Colstrip, which was built around and along with the coal plant. I traveled there and visited briefly in late July, and this is some of what I saw:

High Voltage Lines from Colstrip Montana Electrical Generator
Here are high voltage transmission lines on the way out of Colstrip. The lines are owned and operated by the Federal Public BPA (Bonneville Power Administration.)

Here's a panorama shot of the scene from the roadway before the plant:
Colstrip 9 image composite
The Colstrip Montana Electric Generating Station. See more photos from July 2013 here (and a larger size version is posted here, below the fold.) Also, a 1986 book by David T. Hanson, features a great collection of photos of the power plant and surrounding areas. It's available on the Internet. And the Sierra Club has a group dedicated to specifically working on this issue to break PSE's dirty coal habit, that website: Coal Free PSE.

Moon Rise with Metallic Clouds

Out for a walk, watching the Moon rise with clouds in the sky, some had a metallic appearance:
Dusk Sky and Moon Rise
Tree, Moon, and Clouds

4 photos of incoming log carrier

I was walking down the hill yesterday (Sunday) from the westside when a bulk log carrier ship was arriving at the port:

incoming log carrier

incoming log carrier

incoming log carrier

incoming log carrier

Midsummer photos July 2013

William Shakespeare's Julius Ceasar being performed by the Water Garden at the Capitol Campus, more information here and here

Stand with Edward Snowden Rally Photos

Stand with Snowden rally photos, by the Capitol Campus, Tivoli Fountain, Legislative Building...

Gathering in Olympia Washington, Thursday the Fourth of July 2013, to support Snowden, Manning, and other whistleblowers (like Daniel Ellsberg,) who have been exposing misbehavior of government and big corporations. —"And the truth shall set you free."

More information from Facebook Event Page, here

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