Photos from Budd Inlet

Lots to write and think about, lots of feelings, amidst the insanity of the modern world. It can be hard to find peace and serenity. One way to get relief, for some people, is to experience the beauty that exists in the natural world. Here are some photos from around Budd Bay, Priest Point Park and Percival Landing, and beautiful downtown Olympia, from the last couple of days:

Peaceful Grasses
Peaceful Grasses

Sunset Orange
Sunset Orange

Purple Sky Sunset
Purple Sky Sunset on the first of July, 2013. Purple sky can indicate the presence of sulphur in the atmosphere, sometimes caused by volcanic eruptions, or perhaps by fossil fuel combustion.

Submit your photos to Works in Progress

Works in Progress is planning to feature Capital City Gay Pride on the cover of the July 2013 issue.

Wanna see your photo on the cover of WIP? Then please, submit your best shot! Put "Capital City Pride Cover Photo Contest" in the subject line, and include description and credit information. Send it to at

Photos that are not selected for the cover will be featured on the website (,) so don't be shy!

The parade starts at 11am at the State Capitol Campus.

Have a great time at Pride!

West Bay Drive Scenery

Inspired by CIA Guy's post about Westbay Drive:

State Capitol Campus Legislative Building Dome with 4th Avenue bridge in foreground
State Capitol Campus Legislative Building Dome with 4th Avenue bridge in foreground

Loaded Log Carrier at Port of Olympia Marine Terminal
Loaded Log Carrier at Port of Olympia Marine Terminal

Deforestation plays a significant role in global warming (Internet Search).

Silver Lake Alongside Port of Olympia Marine Terminal Pier
Silver Lake Alongside Port of Olympia Marine Terminal Pier

See large size (5586x1040) version below the fold.

Sunday 9 June 2013, 180º panorama, from West Bay Rotary Park, including view of State Capitol Temple of Justice and Legislative Building Dome, and Port of Olympia with MV Silver Lake, mostly loaded log carrier ship alongside Marine Terminal pier.

Mountain and "Midnight Sun" (well, almost)

I have wanted to get a shot of the mountain this vantage point for a while, finally got around to it a couple days ago. This is from Henderson, just up the hill where the road curves, past Pioneer Park where it crosses the Deschutes River.

'ti'swaq (name of the Mountain according to Robert Satiacum, Restore Native Names to Sacred Places more information)

The time of the Solstice is upon us, and lingering twilight has been ranging right up near to the Eleven O'Clock hour. These shots are from Percival Landing, at about 10:45pm yesterday eve.

Bridge Lights on Water


Late Dusk

Ruffled Feathers

Some photos from around town:

The Heron can be a difficult one to photograph. When I approached this one by the 5th Ave Dam, it waited a little before flying off to the opposite side of the dam, then it flew again further down to the rocks of the rip-rap, and gave itself a good feather ruffling.





wind under the bridge

And now for some flowers!

Yellow Rose

Full Moon Monday at McLane

Full Moon Monday the 25th of February, McLane was abuzz, windy with clouds racing, waters flowing through beaver dam pond, and birdsong in the air. The forest took on a majestic glow after the sun had passed below the Western hill, when a large cloud came overhead and reflected sunlight back down into the valley.

Also includes photos from full Moon rise.

Activity on the pond, getting ready for spring. Maybe even some new-borns already?

Evening by the trail on the pond...windy at times, with ducks, red-wing blackbirds, even a Raven and an Owl.

Photos to Commemorate Martin Luther King

Happy Birthday MLK!

This long holiday MLK weekend it seemed like there was no lack for events to commemorate the life, work, and spirit of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. Here are some photos from some of the regional events, including the MLK Jr. Lobby Day, South Sound Buddhist Peace Fellowship Peace Walk in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hahn to honor MLK, and a protest and blockade against atomic weapons at Naval Base Kitsap Bangor.

Having fun on the way to rally and lobby the legislature
Monday 21 January 2013, Olympia

2013 Polar Bear Plunge photos by Laura Killian

2013 Polar Bear Plunge photos by Laura Killian

Laura also reported:

People were cold, but said the water was warmer than the air outside... They had more than 600 people jump in.

The Olympian also posted a story, Long Lake jumping off point for polar bear plungers in Lacey

Storm Tide

Thank you to Nancy Partlow, for permitting these photos to be posted here. Nancy also helps to keep a blog about natural history, and pollinators, Bees, Birds & Butterflies

Welcome to Percival Landing sign, submerged by high tide. This was one of higher tides of the season, a predicted 16.5, which turned out to be over 17.5. The tide-level was higher due to the presence of an atmospheric low pressure system, as well as heavy rains associated with the low pressure. Photo by Nancy Partlow

Oyster House Parking Lot, nearly inundated Photo by Nancy Partlow

Global warming poses a dual risk for flooding: *1) eventual sea-level rise (so far, scientific estimates of overall sea-level rise due to human caused global warming has only been about one-half to two-thirds of a foot,) and *2) more urgently, the increased intensity of storm systems. As heat/energy builds up in the atmosphere, stronger storms result, translating into lower atmospheric pressures, heavier rainfall, higher winds, etc.

Classic View to the South from the Port Plaza Tower Photo by Nancy Partlow

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