Jellyfish in lower Budd Bay

There were many jellyfish in lower budd bay today:


[update: Jellyfish populations been observed to be rising, connected with warmer water: UBC Study]

Big day on the bay

Went sailing last Sunday, the same day as the Paddle to Squaxin Island Canoe Landing. Stayed far to the West side of the bay, so as to not interfere, although the Coast Guard had to ask us to move to get out of the way of that giant steel ship, Hosanger, as it cleared out of the Port at the same time the canoes were landing at North Point.

In one area of the bay the water seemed to be reddish-brown. After inquiring with LOTT, I was assured that effluent discharge would not cause the water to change color, and it might be caused by Port water run-off tinted by tannins from logs. According to LOTT, the effluent discharges from some 50 or so odd points along a 1,000 foot long pipe, which starts some couple hundred or so feet Northwest of the extremity of the northern tip of the peninsula.

The Port issued a release about the Canoe Landing here and another about the Hosanger here. Here are some photos:



Priest Point

Budd Bay Sunset

From earlier in the week:

Here's to more great Olympia spring weather these next couple of days, cheers!

Fresh Nettles

a photo of freshly harvested nettles, from about a week or so ago:

Fresh Nettles

A few photos from Watershed Park

A few photos from Watershed, where the trail was clear, and the effects of the big storm last month were moderately dramatic:

Jeff Paterson at Coffee Strong with Bradley Manning Update (report)

Jeff Paterson Bradley Manning Update at Coffee Strong

Monday 6 February 2012, Tillicum, Fort Lewis, Lakewood Washington—There were about 15 or 20 people to hear Jeff Paterson talk about the situation with Bradley Manning, why he is in prison, and what's likely to happen next. Information released by Pfc. Manning has been damaging to the reputation of the USA, it has shown how the USA has committed war crimes.

more information:

Radio Towers on Hill Top

View from Hale Place Garden
Does anyone know where these (seen on the right hand side of the photo) radio towers are, i.e. what land they're on?

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