Oly Artist Interview: Jeremy Kraft

enpen: Sometimes when I look at your photography I feel like I'm in the middle of such dense vegetation that I'm surprised I can't hear any bird and animal noises and sometimes they make me feel like my eyes must be playing tricks on me. What do you think about as you're in the process of creating one?

Jeremy Kraft: My pieces can be very thick and at times overwhelming. I include spatial cues that are intended to disrupt an overall sense of coherent space, yet come together to work as a unified whole. This can be contradictory to a typical state of visual awareness, hence the tricks.

In an age where it seems as if everybody has a camera, why do you choose to use that medium to work abstract images?

Photos of Olympia

I just posted some of my favorite photos of Olympia from the past year. Here are a few samples. Enjoy!


See the rest here.

The Year in Photos

Inspired by Sarah, I posted two different "year in photos" entries to my google blog. One is of political pictures, here. The other is of photos that are not overtly political (although you may be able to infer some political content), here. Have a good 2008!

New Oly Photos

I posted some new pictures on flickr today. Here are some samples:

Fungus Michael Jackson Orange Mushrooms Trees Moss Relief Boardwalk Percival Landing

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