Full Moon Light

Bright light of August Full Moon
Bright light of August Full Moon

Lakefair Fireworks

Lakefair Fireworks

Lakefair Fireworks

Photos and some Music from Act for Social Justice Fair

Saturday 16 July 2011

Social Justice Fair, organized by Olympia BDS, and pizza party fundraiser for Scott Yoos's legal support.

Originally planned for Sylvester Park, the Social Justice Fair was moved to 9th in between Franklin and Adams, due to proximity to the Library, and Fertile Ground.

The pizza party was at Fertile Ground, and we used their awesome cob oven to bake up lots of delicious pizzas.

Olympics Seen Across Hood Canal, from Scenic Beach State Park, Seabeck, Kitsap

Scenic Beach State Park view of Olympic Mountains and Hood Canal
Monday 4 July 2011, Olympic Mountains and Peninsula, seen across Hood Canal from Scenic Beach State Park, Seabeck, Kitsap Peninsula
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McLane Wetland Panoramas

Untitled 1
view larger: Untitled 1

Three more panoramas, and a video, below the break:

Leaves at Yashiro Garden

[UPDATE: video from the event posted here:]

Leaves at Yashiro City of Olympia Japanese Garden
Leaves at Yashiro City of Olympia Japanese Garden

June 2011
Yashiro Garden was the site of the Olympia performance of Global Water Dances, yesterday, Saturday the 25th of June.

There was a great turn-out of I would estimate about 40 people or so. We gathered at Moxlie Basin in Watershed Park, then hiked to a parking lot where Indian Creek emerges from an underground culvert, then to Yashiro Garden for the Global Dance, and then to Eastbay, where Moxlie Creek (combined with Indian Creek) join the Salish Sea.

Global Water Dances website:

Thanks to all who made this happen, and to all who participated!

Moxlie Springs Basin
Forest view at Moxlie Springs Basin in Watershed Park

Budd Bay Panorama

Thursday 23 June Budd Sunset Pan
Thursday 23 June 2011 Budd Sunset Panorama, view larger

Full Moon

The Moon is amazing again tonight, this is from late last night (Tuesday.)

The Moon, full and bright
The air feels, almost summery.

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