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A couple of photos [more here,] video, and words about industry, ecology, humanity, and the ethics of sustainability.

Some question the sustainability of many current industrial practices, including forestry practices.

Another question: what is sustainable for whom (and for how long?) Certainly current practices ARE NOT sustainable for many of the critters that depend on old-growth forest characteristics, or unpolluted water and uncontaminated earth anywhere.

View of Downtown Olympia from Priest Point Park
Ought ecosystems have the right to flourish on their own, in their natural state, being respected by the hands of human beings? Ought humanity and human beings make an effort to do the least harm possible?

My opinion is that we have a lot of room for improvement in terms of harm reduction!!!

Free (Chair)

A couple recent photos

[update: video uploaded here: Spring Artswalk (including Peace Vigil) and Procession 2011]

Illuminated Procession Pre-Scene
2011 Illuminated Procession of the Spirits Pre-Scene. Big turnout this year.

We Can't Afford A Health Care Plan, We Spent It On Afghanistan—Bring Our Billions Home, Burma Shave Appeal
Redirect Military Spending and Policies of Economic Supremacy to Peaceful Purposes, like education, healthcare, environmental protection/restoration... toward mutual uplift.

Cloud and Blue Sky


Many people believe that poverty DOES NOT result from personal defect. Rather, poverty is a social disease. Present day society—with its material and economic hierarchies—in order to be normal, actually requires poverty.

Maybe it is time to abolish poverty!

Here's a cloud seen outside of Capitol Theatre where people were meeting to rally before marching on the Headquarters of State Government to demand policies designed promote the general wellness of society. Including everyone.

Last night, in a concerted call for political change, several dozen activists occupied the Legislative Building.

Today, as part of the Week of Action, there will be a labor rally, sponsored by SEIU. There is a march from Sylvester Park at 11am, and a rally starting on campus at 12noon.

Here's a view from inside the Legislative Building at a little after 6pm yesterday:

Occupation for a Fair Budget
more photos here

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