Free Skool Olympia's February Calendar out now!

The newly revived and under new (no)management Free Skool Olympia has come out with its February calendar of classes!

Free Skool Olympia is an autonomous, all ages, egalitarian, volunteer-run collective which works to offer a wide range of workshops, classes, trainings, and skill shares freely to the community. The Free Skool offers a direct challenge to educational, economic, and social systems that oppress and divide our communities by providing vibrant alternatives to those systems and safe places for them to thrive so that we may begin to imagine and build a truly free world.

This month features classes on:

  • Algebra
  • Art and Activism
  • Book Binding
  • Computer Security
  •  Freestyle Rap
  • Haiku & Asian Poetry
  • History
  •  Knot Tying & Climbing
  • Media
  •  Musical Saw Playing
  •  Mycology
  •  Peace Psychology
  • Really Really Safe Sex
  • Self Defense
  • Sign Language
  • Stick 'N' Poke Tattoos

As well as a Black History Reading Group, White Privilege Reading Group, film showings, a Stitch 'N' Knit circle, and a Theatre of the Oppressed troupe!

All classes are absolutely free. The whole month's calendar, which includes descriptions, times, and locations is attached to this post!

Child care will be provided at classes on request. If you have child care or accessibility needs, contact the facilitator of the class you'd like to attend.

To find out more about the Free Skool, you can come to our general meetings every Sunday, 2:00pm at Media Island (816 Adams St. SE) or find us on Facebook. To contact us, e-mail olyfreeskool (at) riseup (dot) net

Poetic Image of Toy Soldier and Toy Racecar

Veteran's Day 2010
Helping a friend move an old piano, I found this poetic little object inside: it's a toy soldier and a toy car attached by twine.

Orange Sunlight, an Ode to Dispersed Oil Tarballs

I know I am not the only one who has noticed the peculiar orange hue of sunlight today. The sunlight makes me think of the situation in the Gulf of Mexico. I have heard that some of the fisherpersons contracted by BP to clean up the spill have suffered severe health consequences, including rectal bleeding.

I wonder how the water there in the gulf is. I wonder if the water has a millions of gallons of petroleum orange hue. I wonder. Here is a poem of reflection:

Orange Sunlight, an Ode to Dispersed Oil Tarballs, by Berd

Orange sunlight

tarball infected stratus

clouds in the sky

more corexit perhaps?

This Is A Poem

This Is A PoemHi.  We're Richard
and Jason.  We're
performing:  This Is
A Poem.  Our piece?
It's as original as
Muzak on an iPad.
You might remember us from such public

previous poetry
(probably) as
Grandma's House, Radio
8-Ball, Cast Off Arts
Lab, Olympia
Timberland Library,
the studios of KAOS and
I Love You

Variety Show.
If not, hi.  We're big in Japan™.
This is a poem.
We will be performing
Friday, April 23rd,
(7 & 9pm) at

Matter Art Gallery
5th Ave SW.

We'll even release
you in time
for the nearby 9:30pm Illuminated
                  This Is A Poem
   is about 20 minutes.
Jason Taellious.  Richard Thietje

Flowers Without Roots - Cob oven Pizza/Music/Poetry/Film Evening Fundraiser

Flowers Without Roots: a critical yet celebratory look at being lost, feeling mixed-up, and not having answers.

Join us for an evening of cob oven pizza, music, poetry, and film we have put together as a benefit for Land of the Lost (lotlmovie.com), an independent feature film being made in Olympia.

Neal Marks, Tripp Talley, Brandon Boyd, and Giselle Garcia start the evening with a musical serenading session to aid your digestion. Liz Donahue, Sophie Gordon, and Lucy Hulbert will then read an assortment of their recent favorite works of poetry. We will then close with In Pursuit of Panama (inpursuitofpanama.com), a documentary about two life-long friends who embark on a seven-country road trip and document the endeavor in a struggle to recapture the clear and simple spirit of their childhood, and find its proper place, if any, in their emerging adulthood.

$10 for all the magic three hours can hold. Begins at 7:30pm at Fertile Ground (311 9th Ave, Olympia). June 5th.

Poem in the Park with Dark

We'll be practicing @ the Capitol Lake amphitheater Wednesday night (04/22) from 7:30 - 8:30 (unless it's raining) for the I Love You variety show. If you're so inclined, come watch. And if you're adventurous, bring some of your own poetry to read.

Visit with Poet Populist, Mike Hickey, and local Olympia Poets Jason Taellious and Richard Thietje

Event Type: Adult Program
Date: 4/10/2009
Start Time: 7:00 PM
End Time: 8:30 PM
Library: Olympia Timberland Library

Celebrate National Poetry Month with Seattle's own Poet Populist, Mike Hickey! Mike will do a reading, talk about the writing process, and answer questions. Hickey is a novelist and poet. He has won awards for poetry, teaching and his work as a labor leader for the American Federation of Teachers.

Olympia poets Jason Taellious and Richard Thietje will open the event with a poetry experiment of sound; a celebration of temporality. Jason and Richard have been featured on the KAOS programs Radio 8-Ball and Embroidered Lives, as well as performing at several Olympia Arts Walks and other local arts events.

Richard Thietje & Jason Taellious
The Knights Temporal

Poet Joseph Stroud gives a rare reading @ Traditions

The Olympia Poetry Network Presents

a rare evening with…

Joseph Stroud (Santa Cruz, CA)
Thomas Asland (Seattle, WA)

Tuesday March 3rd

@ Traditions Fair Trade Café
300 5th Ave SW

Calll for Student Poets

November 25, 2008

Can you describe your favorite thing about Olympia, in a poem? As part of the celebrations surrounding the City of Olympia's 150th Birthday, the Olympia Arts Commission is partnering with the Olympia School District in sponsoring a call for poetry from Olympia K-12 students! Historic information about Olympia, and the community's public art collection can be found on the Olympia School District's website to provide points of inspiration and interest for aspiring poets and/or their teachers! Poetry application forms can be found at the same website or on the city's website or by calling Olympia Arts & Events at 753-8093. Deadline for applications is December 15, 2008. Submitted poems will be posted on the City's website, and selected poets will be asked to read their poems at the City's Birthday Celebration on January 17, 2009. If you have a poem you would like to write for the City - we would love to read it!

Stephanie Johnson
Arts & Events Manager
Olympia Parks, Arts & Recreation
(360) 709-2678

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