Images of the Centralia Steam Plant

Last Friday, after a shift on the job in the area, I visited the Centralia Steam Plant. I watched for nearly a couple hours in the evening light as dusk and then darkness fell. Here's some timelapse video footage and a still shot of the scene.


By the Centralia Steam Plant


Power and control are stronger forces than kindness evidently. Take for example how religious people of all stripes hold Jesus up as a model to emulate - One of the kindest men to ever walk the planet. The faithful (as they call themselves) preach from the pulpits, They put up billboards. They have myriad radio and tv shows. And letters to the editor. Everywhere are warnings that to deny Jesus as one’s personal savior is to spend eternity in hell………..

 Now with all that prompting and warning you might think that those people who have had a couple thousand years to get into the swing of things would be some of the kindest people around. But you would be wrong. Many of them are the most forceful at wanting to have others jump from the Jesus bandwagon to the God bandwagon all in one jump. And their version of God is someone who is in complete control, watching everyone all the time and taking care of the non-believers by turning them to salt or having his human mercenaries just kill them. Recall the Crusades.

 A few hundred years ago the Catholics thought they had a wrap on God and Jesus. To them it amounts to about the same thing: one the father, the other the son. Well, anyway they went around telling the rest of the world how they were given the keys to the kingdom and, by God, you had better watch your step because if you tried to question them, why their henchmen were at standing notice to get rid of you, right now. All of this killing and control in the name of Jesus. Killing for kindness? (recall how centuries later the Americans claimed they had to destroy the villages in Vietnam in order to "save' them. Ring a bell?)

POWER to the People, Parts One and Two

Part One:


Part Two:


P.O.W.E.R. website

Police Brutality

Many of you know Scott Yoos. Scott is an active community member who has been around for quite a few years. Last week, Scott had an encounter with some local police officers that left him bruised and battered. After being beat up, Scott was hauled to jail, and now is being charged with crimes. There's an arraignment scheduled for next Wednesday, the 8th, at 9am at the city courthouse. On Tuesday, people will gather to picket in front of City Hall at 6pm, then have an opportunity to comment during the City Council Meeting (which starts at 7pm.) If you know Scott, then you know how harmless he is. Please support this effort to hold the police accountable for their behavior.

Statement on the State of the State Budget, by POWER

Occupation for a Fair BudgetEfforts are ongoing after last week's activities to persuade the state to develop a moral budget that respects peoples' needs and rights to decent economic conditions. For example, POWER (Parents Organizing for Welfare and Economic Rights,) has participated in press conferences in an attempt to raise awareness about what many consider to be basic injustices in the state tax system.

The following is a press release from POWER:

Our state is not broke: our tax system is. Cut tax loopholes before cutting basic services.

Story of Stuff: Citizens United v. FEC (2011)

Tonight: Washington Public Campaigns and the Olympia chapter of Move to Amend sponsor a film showing followed by an open discussion of the Citizens United v. FEC decision. It's at Traditions Cafe, and it starts at 7pm. More information below the fold.

The Story of Stuff Project has a new video about the decision to allow corporations to make direct contributions to political campaigns.

Here it is:

Maureen Taylor Speaks at the OCFB Fair

Maureen Taylor speaking at the Olympia Coalition for a Fair Budget Fair
Sunday 16 January 2011

Maureen Taylor, former US Social Forum Co-coordinator, visiting from Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan

Taylor, who has a masters degree in social work, is also director of a Michigan State welfare rights organization.

Hope to see you at the MLK celebration tomorrow! 11am near the Capitol Theater and Sylvester Park.

Dear Legislators, Don't Hurt People

Dear Legislators, You have choices...
Monday 10 January 2011
Washington State Capitol Campus
Legislative Building Senate Chamber

"Dear Legislators: You have choices.... Don't hurt people...."

POWER (Parents Organizing for Welfare and Economic Rights) attended legislative swearing in ceremonies in the Washington State Senate and House today to ask that legislators work to prevent harmful cuts to necessary social supports and services.

Does being abused give you the right to Abuse?

There must be some benificial balance between the recognition of your own oppression and the self empowerment that comes afterwards without perpetuating cycles of oppression. 

Does Empowerment, by the nature of energy laws, mean that some power, or energy must be transfered from one place to another? And if that's true then is there some grace which we must do this with, so that we are not conquering our oppressors the same way they must have perceived it being their right to do unto us? Is there a peaceful way to reclaim the space that was taken from you? Or do we all emulate our experiences, and enact the roles that our oppressors taught us, and take what we consider ours?

Is this entitlement, or balance? Are everyones needs aimed to be met, or are there an elite few endowed with the righteousness to proclaim themselves more deserving of said privilege? 

Does being abused ever give you the right to abuse other people?

The American Empire

"With more than 2,500,000 U.S. personnel serving across the planet and [737] military bases spread across each continent, it's time to face up to the fact that our American democracy has spawned a global empire."
                  Metropolitan Books / By Chalmers Johnson


    Anyone trying to say that we, in the U.S., do not live in an empire building nation is an idiot, plain & simple. Maybe even a plain & simple idiot.

    Think for a moment, at the shortest, about what natural resources reside in the boundaries of the U.S. that others in the world might covet. We have no oil to speak of, no big diamond mines, no gold mines, no lithium, no cheap labor. So what is it wer are afaid of losing.  I know, I know... everyone says we're afraid of losing our freedom(s). Ha!  Is some band of terrorists from the middle east going to sneak across the border from Canada and take away our right of free speech? Our own politicians have done a better job of that than any terrorist could ever hope to do. Are there secret service operatives from Venezuela trying to buy up all the TV air tme during an election cycle in order to infiltrate our political process? Our own Supreme Court is way ahead of them.

    What those in positions of power are afraid of losing is control. Control of the masses. Control of power. Control of our government. Control of other governments. Control of world resources for corporations that were once American, but have morphed into multi-nationals, that have no allegiance to the U.S. but still ask for, and get, protection from our military.

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