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It's the Climate, Stupid.

The economy is a financial shadow of the state of the physical world. Economics is simply one way of measuring certain activity here on a small planet on a spiral arm of a somewhat non-descript galaxy in the known universe. There are lots of planets, rocks, planetoids, stars, dust motes in the universe that appear to have little or no activity that could be measured in economic terms (other than zero) because the local climate and weather have reached steady states that are too hot or too cold for economic measurement. Ouch!  Click me please

We float around the galaxy in the goldilocks zone, neither too hot nor too cold for lively economic activity, yet when our economic house of cards starts to shake, we can't figure out that the climate in the goldilocks zone is the ultimate free lunch and that economics are a shadow of the physical world. We appear to be willing to destroy the climate rather than upset the economic schemes of the dominant species on the planet.

Homo industrialis is a dominant and successful species, but maybe not too smart. We need to evolve to become homo sustainabilis or we kiss it goodbye. We better wise up soon. Lots of weather news out there. The Rio climate talks were disappointing. No political will to re-order our priorities and realize that the economy relies on the climate, not the other way around. Here are some news items about the weather, some things to think about as we enter the lazy days of summer:

In order to accumulate wealth...

LEM Vista
LEM Vista

Tuesday 27 December 2011, Olympia—This is the view from the Law Enforcement Memorial Vista point on Christmas eve, the 24th. A few of us Occupationists were there singing Christmas holiday carols.

In the foreground

Busy Week in the Occupation of Wall Street

It has been a busy week. I hope to write more about life in the camp, where I have been staying for the last 5 nights. I am cross-posting the following from my other blog, Peace is Possible!:

The following is in response to a letter I received from someone in the local Olympia Occupy Wall Street solidarity encampment/ village:

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