Protestors to March on Thurston Co. Courthouse [today! 5/16] Against Preferential Treatment of Drunk Driver


According to the following article posted here by KOMO:

There is a protest taking place this afternoon to protest what is claimed to be preferential treatment of a local businessman in a string of DUI arrests. 

In an interview with one of the organizers, Sam, had the following to share with me:

There shouldn't be two seperate legal systems, one for the rich and one for the poor. This is not "about" Goodman, this is about the legal system as a whole. But his case is an analogy for the greater injustice taking place."

The protestors will be meeting at 3:00 PM on the corner of Deschutes Parkway and Lakeridge, and marching up the hill. 

The organizers can be found at the associated Facebook event:

Big turnout for March Against Monsanto, Olympia, WA

Over 800 turnout for March Against Monsanto in Olympia WASaturday 25 May 2013—Today was a national day of action against Monsanto. Marches were held in over 17 cities, including the cities of Olympia, Seattle, and Yelm.

Here's a photo of some of the over 800 people who rallied and marched in Olympia. Families were out in abundance. The festivities started at Tivoli Fountain, then went on to Capitol Lake via the switchback trail, Heritage Fountain, by Percival Landing to Capitol Way and finally ending up at Sylvester Park. There's more information about the event on the FB Event Page.

Here are some more photos from Olympia by me, and also a video. And here is a link to March Against Monsanto Photos from Seattle by Elliot Stoller .

Recent Peace Vigil Video, September 2012

It's been a while since I have posted on OlyBlog any videos from the peace vigil... Here's one recent video, the vigil/celebration/protest is still happening, every Friday, from 4:30pm to 6, at Percival Landing. And you're invited! If you don't like the signs, bring your own. Be the peace! Be there! And thanks to the Artesian Rumble Arkestra for the music!

Protest Senate Budget: Gather Now

Rally immediately at the Capitol, Legislative Building, to protest the Senate Budget, passed late last night. The budget cuts human and environmental services, favors corporate power, and is a massive privatization effort.

Rally immediately. Please call people you know, and ask them to call people they know, and then head to the Capitol.

Legislators are on campus in party caucus.

Let them know that the 99% cannot afford a budget that supports corporate power—with cuts to human and environmental services!

Occupy Olympia!

There will also be opportunity to discuss this topic and plan more rallying activities at General Assembly tomorrow, Sunday, 1pm at Sylvester Park.

Longview Strikers Plan to #Occupy EGT and Shut Down West Coast Ports

As class conflict increases around the globe, here in Cascadia the striking Longveiw, Washington port workers and their supporters are planning an occupation of EGT’s grain terminal.

In addition to bussing and flying to Longview, all of the West Coast longshoremen will shut down the ports for the entire coast in solidarity. The #occupation is planned for when the next ship arrives, so follow the twitter. When that ship sails in we will have to move quickly, strategically, purposely and with an unrelenting fury.

This occupation of the EGT grain terminal is influenced partially by direct anarchist input and influence on the social and cultural terrain, as well as by the burgeoning #occupymovement happening around North America. But in comparison to the other occupy sites springing up around the country; this is an occupation of an entirely different sort. #Occupying a port to stop the flow of capital into a multinational grain terminal to cause the corporation direct economic damage, whilst simultaneously shutting down the flow of commerce through the ports on the entire west coast of the USA in solidarity with a growing anti-capitalist/anti-authoritarian movement rooted in local non-hierarchical open assemblies, such is happening in Longview and the US right now. Don’t let it pass you by.

Thoughts and Ideas, Feelings and Opinions re: Occupy Wall Street

I posted versions of this on Facebook and another blog, Peace is Possible. This is a work in progress, and is in definite need of editing for syntax and brevity / clarity / charisma:

Protest Trial Tomorrow

UPDATE: Summary of defendants' pre-sentencing statements now available here.

Tomorrow is trial. I and five others are accused by the Navy of trespassing at Bangor Naval Nuclear Weapons base. We follow in the wake of the Plowshares Five The following article is also published in the June issue of Works In Progress.

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