A little bit about the rally today, Wednesday

Rally at the seat of the government of Washington State, in Olympia

People from all over the state came to Olympia to demonstrate for a fair budget based on human rights. People are opposed to a budget that appears to be arbitrary, favorable to the specialized interests of a wealthy elite, and that appears to be based on corporate power.

Principle organizer: Washington Community Action Network, WashingtonCAN.

Beautiful day, beautiful people: potential to create beautiful policy and culture that respect common needs and interests, rather than maintaining injustice, and the primary political adherence to the influence of money, and the specialized interests of wealth.

Currently it is 10 minutes before 6pm, and people are still in the Legislative Building, where there has been a rally since the early afternoon. It is not clear when today's protest will be over!

At 6:07pm, there are dozens, perhaps a hundred people or more, with bedrolls laid out on the floor under the dome in the rotunda of the Legislative Building.


Students Protest Against Budget Cuts to Higher Education

Student Protest Against Cutting Higher Education
Monday 21 March 2011, Olympia—Students, many having traveled all the way from Bellingham, gathered on the steps of the Washington State Legislative Building to protest against what many consider to be an unfair budget.

The budget actually increases fees for public education, while reducing the amount and quality of services.

Meanwhile the disparity in wealth between rich and poor grows ever wider, and wider.

March 2011 LD22 Town Hall Meeting

Thurston County LD 22 Townhall at Garfield Elementary in Olympia, Saturday 12 March 2011
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Washington State Legislators: Representatives Sam Hunt and Chris Reykdahl, and Senator Karen Fraser, met for over two hours with constitituents from Washington State LD 22 at Garfield Elementary School on Saturday the 12th of March 2011.

Many people amongst the 150 or so in the audience rose to speak. People were given open mic, first come first served, for two minutes each.

Many concerns were raised, reflecting the widespread feeling that something is wrong.

Some of the statements ranged from encouraging the legislators to take a more assertive and vigorous stance against harmful federal policies like imperialism, and against the political/economic power of Wall Street; to protecting public interest; to protecting the right of labor unions to collective bargaining; to recommendations of a state income tax; to comments about capitol lake and estuary restoration.

Humanity in Solidarity between Israelis and Palestinians

I like the humanity that this story portrays. And the story does a good job of describing the real experience of what many people refer to as the Apartheid conditions that now exist in the State of Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territories. The fact that these concitions exist, as told in this story, provides good reason to support boycott of the State of Israel, in my opinion.

Palestinian women smuggled into Tel Aviv for day of fun

Israeli women bring 12 Palestinian women, 4 children out to eat in Jaffa restaurant, swimming in the Mediterranean, and home via Jerusalem.

By Jonathan Lis

A group of Israeli women smuggled 12 Palestinian woman and four children, among them a year-old baby, into Tel Aviv for a day of fun about two weeks ago. The women, among them writers Ilana Hammerman and Klil Zisapel, picked up the women from their villages, following two earlier meetings with them.

Avoiding the security forces at West Bank checkpoints, they took the women out to eat in a restaurant in Jaffa, swimming in the Mediterranean, and took them home via Jerusalem where they could see the Old City walls from afar.

Hammerman undertook a similar trip in which she brought three teenage Palestinian girls to Tel Aviv for the day, which she described in an article in Haaretz Magazine in May. Following publication of the article, the Legal Forum for the Land of Israel demanded that the attorney general investigate Hammerman for smuggling illegal residents into Israel.

America's Economic Future Public Seminar - This Saturday

Please join us Saturday afternoon, April 3, for a public disclosure of how the collapse of Communism in the East set the stage for a future financial scenario for capitalism in the West. You will learn how the current financial markets will be restructured, thus impacting your rights to international trade. DATE: Saturday, April 3 TIME: 2 p.m. LOCATION: Olympia Timberland Library 313 8th Avenue SE Olympia, WA 98501 CONTACT: Liberty of Conscience Preservation Council PHONE: (360) 402-1154 You will discover how this fiscal scenario will escalate to usher in the American Heritage Observance Act that will implicate every U.S. citizen, and consequentially, every citizen around the world. Yet, with such tumultuous forecasts looming, you will experience hope through these financial maelstroms in the follow up public presentations - EXPERIENCE HOPE - Thursday, April 8 at 6 p.m. in downtown Olympia.

State Surplus - Tivoli Fountain

So I noticed that Washington State Surplus has a piece of the Tivoli Fountain up on eBay. I didn't even know there was a spare piece of it to be sold. Would you like to have that in your yard? The first piece of a build it yourself State Capitol kit?


Will the "National Day of Rest" bill stabilize this economy and restore "quality time" for families across this nation and the world? Have you still not heard of this proposed legislation, yet? Will it be a positive change for our families, this country and the global economy? Will our personal liberties have to be sacrificed in the interest of national security in order to sanction it? Come to this free public seminar to understand how today's increasing global crises are setting the stage for this very piece of legislation to soon become law, affecting every citizen of the United States and eventually the world. DATE: August 22 LOCATION: Lacey Timberland Library (conference room) TIME: 2 to 4:30 p.m. CONTACT: Liberty of Conscience Ministries PHONE: 360.402.1154 EMAIL:

National Day of Rest Legislation - Public Seminar

Will the "National Day of Rest" bill save America? Still have not heard of this proposed legislation, yet? Very soon, you will. Will it be good for our economy, our families and our nation? Or, will our personal liberties be sacrificed in order to attain it? Come and discover how today's increasing global crises will work together to soon undermine freedom of conscience, first for every individual in America, then, for every person around the world. LOCATION: Olympia Timberland Library DATE: Saturday, June 6 TIME: 2 to 4:30 p.m. CONTACT: Scott at 360.402.1154 Thank you for looking. Our team hopes to see you there!
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