Scotty Yoos Trial Update

Scotty had a pre-trial hearing scheduled today. Court started shortly after 10:30am. There were about a dozen "fans of Scotty" there. Wendy asked for permission to photograph. The judge asked which case she was there for. The court was notified that the prosecutor was busy with something else and the hearing had been postponed. My question is how long the prosecuting staff was going to let Scotty and friends wait before notification of postponement. Can our County Prosecuting Office do better? Thank you.


Protest Trial Tomorrow

UPDATE: Summary of defendants' pre-sentencing statements now available here.

Tomorrow is trial. I and five others are accused by the Navy of trespassing at Bangor Naval Nuclear Weapons base. We follow in the wake of the Plowshares Five The following article is also published in the June issue of Works In Progress.

State v. Imani

Daniel Ellsberg The jury returned what I think is a disappointing verdict in the case of State v. Imani. Imani was arrested in August of 2008 when she entered highway exit ramp 120 off of Southbound I-5 (which is near the main-gate to Fort Lewis.) Imani entered the roadway in an effort to resist aggression of the US government.
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Although the Jury verdict was disappointing, I think it is reasonable to consider Imani as a winner. It seems to me that she was a winner when, in a courageous act of conscience, she stood in the way of the war machine. Her's was an attempt to prevent harm, an attempt to save lives. It was not a criminal act, and the state was wrong to prosecute her for acting in principle.

Several witnesses for the defense gave very compelling testimony in support of Imani's act. Whether Imani acted out of privilege, right, or duty and obligation, it is clear that she acted in a way so as to resist the conduct aggression by the government of the USA.

Among several brilliant testimonials was that of Mr. Daniel Ellsberg, who talked about his life and experience: ranging from education at Harvard, to service in the Marine Corps, to consulting with the White House and State Department, to releasing the Pentagon Papers, which detailed incriminating documents, documents that showed the invasion and occupation of Vietnam by the US government constituted aggression, and was therefore illegal under the law.

Briana Waters Trial February 11, 2008

Briana Waters trial begins on Monday, February 11, 2008. Please be at the court at 9am. Dress and act respectful of the court. 1717 Pacific Ave, Tacoma. Judge Burgess starts on time.

The trial is expected to go for a month, Monday thru Friday 9am -4pm.

Briana Waters asks that there be NO rally or signs outside or inside of the courtroom. Our presence will be the support she needs. Please come dressed and leave the wacky at home. Anyone concerned with civil liberties should pay attention to this case.

Briana Waters has been indicted in the arson at the UW Center for Urban Horticulture, specifically for the alleged role as a lookout. Ms. Waters maintains her innocence and pleads not guilty. Briana Waters is facing a mandatory minimum of 35 years.

The case is built on the word of two informants, Jen Kolar and Lacey Phillabaum. Although, Ms. Waters attorneys, Robert Bloom and Neil Fox, filed a motion that the government concealed important information and created a fraudulent FBI report. The Judge Burgess has denied the motion in January. The Judge Burgess closed the pretrial, which is our fundamental right to an open and clear process in public court.

Now is the time that we must show up in the court room to support the transparency of our judicial system. It is more than our civil liberties at stake in this precedent setting case. We have seen more and more of our civil rights taken away and it is important for us to stand and bear witness to this trial.

Carpools are encouraged from Seattle.

Olympia Carpools leave daily from the Grocery Outlet Westside parking lot at 7:30 AM.
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