Busy Week in the Occupation of Wall Street

It has been a busy week. I hope to write more about life in the camp, where I have been staying for the last 5 nights. I am cross-posting the following from my other blog, Peace is Possible!:

The following is in response to a letter I received from someone in the local Olympia Occupy Wall Street solidarity encampment/ village:

Sunshine and Signholding

I went by Percival Landing yesterday evening as sunlight shined through a patch in the clouds, illuminating the marine terminal and parts of the marina. There were also a group of about a dozen or so women holding signs about domestic violence. I think they were from the Zonta group. Here are some photos.

Percival Landing

One in four women will experience domestic violence.

People are getting rich off of war.

America Needs PEACEFUL Jobs!
Monday 4 July 2011
NBK Bangor Submarine Nuclear Weapons Facility

About 30 or 40 of us went to the Main Gate of NBK Bangor (Trident submarine nuclear weapons facility) to vigil and witness. By the way, Seabeck was great, and thanks to everyone!

As I walked up the road to get in position for photographing, a lone State Patrol officer approached me. He had a couple questions. He wanted to know who was in charge. I had to think about that for a few seconds. Then I told him Joy was in charge. Which was correct.

He wanted to know what group we were with and what we were doing. I told him that we're the Fellowship of Reconciliation, and we just had our annual conference at Seabeck.

Then he wanted to know if we were going to engage in nonviolent civil disobedience.

I am almost positive that not once has anyone put themselves in a position to risk arrest during the post-Seabeck witness at the Submarine Nuclear Weapons facility.

John Lindsay-Poland, who is staffer with the National FOR and is featured in the photograph, approached when he saw the Officer writing notes. Thanks John!

At the vigil, I told one of the military police: "people are getting rich off of war."

He responded, "Not me!"

Police Brutality

Many of you know Scott Yoos. Scott is an active community member who has been around for quite a few years. Last week, Scott had an encounter with some local police officers that left him bruised and battered. After being beat up, Scott was hauled to jail, and now is being charged with crimes. There's an arraignment scheduled for next Wednesday, the 8th, at 9am at the city courthouse. On Tuesday, people will gather to picket in front of City Hall at 6pm, then have an opportunity to comment during the City Council Meeting (which starts at 7pm.) If you know Scott, then you know how harmless he is. Please support this effort to hold the police accountable for their behavior.

Some Photos from the Anti-Racism/Anti-Oppression/Anti-Fear Mongering Event

Friedman, Saliba, Siddiqui: Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Anti-Arab Racism
Andrew and Ayub after the panel discussion
Wednesday 3 November 2010
Olympia, WA

More information about this event here

This was a great discussion about the topics of Anti-Semitism, Anti-Jewish Oppression and Jew-Hating, Islamophobia, and Anti-Arab racism in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as the greater global environment of (waning) US and Anglo-American hegemony.

Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and Anti-Arab racism panel discussion in Olympia

Homophobic and Transphobic Harrassment in Downtown

Reality check.

I have heard two stories within the past week of friends being harrassed by groups of young men for their gender presentation and perceived sexual orientation.  One friend was forced to run and hide from his bashers near the Oympia Center.  I believe both attacks happened in the early evening.

Fortunately, neither of these instances involved a physical confrontation.

Get angry.  Stay alert.

Dangerous Daniel Ellsberg

I think this is an important story—because the USA was lied into war against Iraq as well, and Daniel Ellsberg made this very clear in his testimony for the defense of Patty Imani.

CONAN: Well, thanks very much. It's kind of you to say. In the film, you described witnessing one of the fundamental lies of the war. I think it was your first day on the job.

Mr. ELLSBERG: That was in the Pentagon. And I was made aware within hours, by hearing Secretary McNamara and President Johnson assure the country that there was unequivocal evidence of an unprovoked attack in international waters and that we sought no wider war. I knew within hours of taking employment, by coincidence, that very same day, that everyone of statements was false and the Congress was being misled on that. It was only within a few days of that that once it became clear that there had been no attack at all on our destroyers.

That wasnt clear, initially, but what was clear was of the statement that there was unequivocal evidence or as much unprovoked or false.

CONAN: The Gulf - that Gulf of Tonkin incident. In fact, the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution became the legal framework in terms of Congress for prosecuting the war.

Mr. ELLSBERG: That's right. Years later when I revealed some of those same cables and documents that I had in my safe that night, August 4th, 1964, when I revealed them in the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times, Senator Wayne Morse who's been one of the two senators who voted against the Tonkin Gulf resolution told me, if you had given me, on the foreign relations committee, those documents which were now out in 1971.

Video Regarding Military Abuses

Warning graphic content:

The US Military Doesn't Want You to See

To think of the abuses that have occurred in Iraq. And to think that the war was unnecessary—unrelated to legitimate national security prerogative. There was no immediate threat of attack from Iraq. It is a war of choice. An act of aggression. A crime against the peace. An immoral and illegal occupation.

Why aren't more people infuriated about this.

As the Oil Gushes

BP—Beyond Precaution

BP—Beyond Precaution—Part of ARCO

No more profiting from harmful activities!

Why doesn't government regulate against harmful activities? Why does government serve to enable environmental destruction, societal oppression (racism, ageism, sexism, et al.)? Why is government in cahoots with the most tremendous abuses and violence of the day?

Is it time for a peoples' intervention?

If so, then what's that gonna look like?

In America, We Were Never Meant to Survive, Not as Human Beings

This article deals with a very important topic. It deals with exploding some of the harmful and deluded mythology that we deal with on a daily basis here in America. And it asks the question of how we may be able to regain our health in the face of a dominant socio-cultural-economic system that is so tremendously abusive, violent, destructive, and fundamentally anti-human...

It comes via the Tikkun Daily Blog:

We Were Never Meant to Survive
by Nichola Torbett, on April 27th, 2010
“For to survive in this dragon we call America, we have had to learn this first and most vital lesson – that we were never meant to survive. Not as human beings.”

–Audre Lorde, in “The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action”
The first time I read Audre Lorde’s words, above, they exploded my understanding of my relationship to this life.

At some level, I had known for a while that I HAD NOT survived, not intact, not as a fully alive person. Although I probably couldn’t have articulated all this back then, I knew that somewhere along the way, I had lost my connection to my body, my ability to connect at the deepest levels with other people, my sense of awe and wonder, my ability to hear constructive feedback from others without my world disintegrating, and much of my ability to feel.

So when I read those words they made sense to me intuitively, even if I couldn’t really say I knew what they meant.
read the rest:

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