Petition the Port of Olympia to Stop Partaking in the Fracking Business

Three major explosions in the past few months have been linked to oil trains carrying frack oil from North Dakota. The shipments of proppants going through the Port of Olympia have been supporting that very same fracking industry — which is destructive and which contributes to the climate crisis. Besides the explosions, one of which killed 47 people—the explosion in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec [1]—the industry has been implicated in wide ranging array of grievous social and environmental harms [2] [3].

News comes out about fracking related water pollution almost daily now [4]. Fracking is an extreme extraction technology that really does nothing to solve the energy crisis. In fact, it conflicts with the need for urgent transition to options for sustainable renewable energy.

Why does any one person or group of people, own and control the right to abuse the land and environment any more than another person? Why are the owners of the petroleum industry so enriched at the expense of others? Is it possible that there is a basic corruption at hand? Is it possible that fracking is actually a boondoggle, counterproductive to human progress?

So I ask you please, sign this petition. Here is the web url:

Thank you, and best wishes for 2014!

Robert Whitlock
Olympia, Washington

Dr. Wendy Ring MD, MPH, Climate 911: The Health Effects of Climate Change

99 minutes,

Dr. Wendy Ring visited Olympia in July, on the first leg of her continental bicycle tour to Washington D.C. on a route to follow the coal trains, and Keystone XL Pipeline, and other prominent features of the fossil fuel industry. The goal of her journey is to raise awareness amongst the healthcare community of the health effects of climate change. For more information about her effort please visit Climate 911: What's the emergency?.

Dr. Ring's Olympia presentation was sponsored by Physcians for Social Responsibility, Transition Olympia, and Olympia F.O.R.

State of the State Budget and What To Do

Lack of budget, furloughs and lay-offs for the working class...meanwhile the richest have never been richer.

Is it possible that here we have corruption to blame? Systemic corruption in the form of special influence for money, (much of it ill-begotten and based in violent practices, environmentally destructive industries, exploitative labor practices, etc.) Perhaps?

...Meanwhile, beautiful sunsets abound. Those of us with sufficient privilege travel, enjoy recreation, maybe even find some sense of peace and/or solace in the beauty of nature, hobbies, music, photography...what have you.

And then there are all of those (by some measures, more than 2 billion people) who have been not able to enjoy such experiences, because of distresses caused by poverty (and who are also, arguably, in some ways, happier than those of us in the "first world.")

This system we call "ours" enforces poverty. Tremendously extreme wealth for a tiny fractional few depends on the extraction of wealth from the great many. The present system depends upon poverty.

Picking up Catron from Hospital in Tacoma

Tuesday 15 November 2011—We stopped at Wright park after picking up Catron from Tacoma General Hospital.

"Fiduciary Responsibility" and Eliminating the Investor/Ownership Class

Had a great conversation at Sizizis under the Jupiter full Moon early Thursday morning about how the socio-cultural-economic harms people, and leaves them hanging. Rampant fear, distrust, disease. The real trickle-downs from the predatory Wall Street style economic system.

The worst part is that the system is set-up so the big corporations actually have a "fiduciary responsibility" to cut throats in order to be most attractive to investors.

Maybe we would be better off eliminating the owner/investor class from our society, if people are not able to refrain from hurting each other, and killing each other, in their quest to accumulate wealth...

And thanks for the hot chocolate!


Jupiter (nearly) Full Moon with Halo
Wednesday, 9 November, 2011
In this photo, the full Moon is conjunct Jupiter.
Airplane crosses from SW to NE in the 7 or 8 o'clock position inside the halo.
There was ground fog in the park tonight.

Wealth and Merit and Oppression

cross posting from Peace is Possible:

Against Oppression, Against Bullying

Some people have so much more wealth than others. (The wealthiest one percent control 90% of the nation's wealth!)

What is required in order to amass such wealth? Is this wealth the result of merit and hard work, or is it possible that some of this extreme wealth actually requires some form or another of...

Bring Our Billions Home

The Olympia FOR is participating in a larger campaign by the Western Washington FOR (Fellowship of Reconciliation) to "Bring Our Billions Home." The concept is to shift military spending that is geared toward conquest and imperialism, to peaceful alternatives, like healthcare (especially for wounded military personnel,) environmental protection and to promote full employment. As part of the campaign, we are asking people to write monthly postcards to their representatives. Here's an example:

Bring Our Billions Home
Bring Our Billions Home

Hi, Please Give Me Your Money.


  My name is Daniel Wilson. Yes that guy. My house was attacked with gallons of paint and I don't really have very much money to help clean it up, my landlord isn't helping and I'm paying everything out of pocket. I'm not a rich kid with a parents' bank account and I want anyone who cares to donate whatever they can to my Paypal:

  I know that a lot of you might hate me or whatever, this plea is not for you. I'm talking to those that want to help out a struggling father who just had a whole bunch of mess happen to him because he was stupid enough to talk to the corporate media. Please just give me, like, twenty dollars right now. I'm not above asking people I don't know on the internet for money, so how about it Olympia?


If you're a rich pervert who gets off on unloading money into bank accounts in ten to twenty minute sessions (yes these are just some of the people capitalism creates) just do it with my paypal. I'll take all your money, I have no shame.

People are getting rich off of war.

America Needs PEACEFUL Jobs!
Monday 4 July 2011
NBK Bangor Submarine Nuclear Weapons Facility

About 30 or 40 of us went to the Main Gate of NBK Bangor (Trident submarine nuclear weapons facility) to vigil and witness. By the way, Seabeck was great, and thanks to everyone!

As I walked up the road to get in position for photographing, a lone State Patrol officer approached me. He had a couple questions. He wanted to know who was in charge. I had to think about that for a few seconds. Then I told him Joy was in charge. Which was correct.

He wanted to know what group we were with and what we were doing. I told him that we're the Fellowship of Reconciliation, and we just had our annual conference at Seabeck.

Then he wanted to know if we were going to engage in nonviolent civil disobedience.

I am almost positive that not once has anyone put themselves in a position to risk arrest during the post-Seabeck witness at the Submarine Nuclear Weapons facility.

John Lindsay-Poland, who is staffer with the National FOR and is featured in the photograph, approached when he saw the Officer writing notes. Thanks John!

At the vigil, I told one of the military police: "people are getting rich off of war."

He responded, "Not me!"

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