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A coupla videos from the Friday Peace Vigil



Peace Vigil Report 20130517 #olywa

The weather was incredible today. There was a downpour, and the Sun came out, so there were rainbows in the sky for the peace vigil at Percival Landing. Those clouds were intense, if you saw them, maybe you would agree.

Here are some photos and video and a little more commentary:

Peace vigil at Percival landing! #olywa #signs
Signs for peace at the peace vigil at Percival Landing, the vigil happens every Friday, and you're welcome to join.

Bang what you got! Whether it's pots and pans, or if you're a marching band, your instrument of choice. Saxophone? Sauzaphone? Trumpet? Trombone? Glockenspiel? Banjo? Drums? Symbals? Cowbell? Bang it! for peace! Great tunes, thanks to the Artesian Rumble Arkestra

A little of what the sky looked like with dark clouds contrasting with bright sunlight... at Percival Landing.

What a day, what weather! Peace vigil at Percival landing
What a day, what weather!

A story from the Peace Vigil

A story from the weekly peace vigil at Percival Landing last Friday, 26 April 2013

I went to look at the fire that had broken out in the area of West Bay Marina, and struck up a conversation with an Army Ranger veteran who had toured Iraq and Afghanistan.

He was initially quite aggravated and offended by the sign I was carrying, but once I explained in my own words what I thought the sign meant, he was in complete agreement. He was in complete agreement that the wars were wrong and the foreign policy has been misguided. And that much of the wealth of America has been founded on violence, African and Asian slavery and extermination of Native People, decimations of Native Culture, and industrial activities that have come at the expense of environmental quality, sustainability, and public health. etc.

He said he heard that people in high levels of military and government are asking questions about imperialism and policies of dominance, and mentioned a JBLM Army Officer he knew.

The sign I was carrying read: "Militarism is choking our democracy."

Peace Vigil March 2013 Spring Time!

The past Friday peace vigil was the first one so far this year in the season of spring!

Peace Vigil in the Rain

Peace Vigil in the rain, at

Percival Landing
Percival Landing

Recent Peace Vigil Video, September 2012

It's been a while since I have posted on OlyBlog any videos from the peace vigil... Here's one recent video, the vigil/celebration/protest is still happening, every Friday, from 4:30pm to 6, at Percival Landing. And you're invited! If you don't like the signs, bring your own. Be the peace! Be there! And thanks to the Artesian Rumble Arkestra for the music!

Peace Vigil

video from the most recent peace vigil. Come on out and express your vision for a better world for everyone, and boogie down along with one of Olympia's hottest bands, The Artesian Rumble Arkestra marching band!

— Friday evenings from 4:30 or 5 until 6pm at Percival Landing

McLane and Peace Vigil, a couple new videos

A couple of new videos, the first one is from last Friday at McLane Creek. There were quite a few Mallard ducks on the pond, including some pairs. It was sunny! Then below the fold is some video from the weekly Friday evening Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation Peace Vigil at Percival Landing. Here's the video:

peace vigil:

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