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Health Care for the Holidays Rally at Sylvester Park

Health Care for the Holidays Rally

December 12, 2009, Olympia, Washington

Doesn't everyone - don't all people - deserve quality health care?


Health Care Rally: Sat, Dec 12, Sylvester Park, Noon–1pm

Health Care Rally Saturday, Dec12, at Sylvester Park: Noon – 1pm

Calling all single-payer supporters!

Saturday at Sylvester Park, in coordination with similar events across Washington State, there will be a rally “to urge of passage of the historic health care legislation currently being debated in the US Senate.”

Let's be there with single-payer signs!

Please also bring two holiday greeting cards – one addressed to Sen. Murray and the other to Sen. Cantwell – asking them to support Rep. Bernie Sanders’ two single-payer amendments (see below). Olympia Single Payer Action will be at the rally on Saturday to collect the cards and will deliver them to the Senators’ Tacoma offices next week.

OSPA will be at or near Sylvester Park: Capitol and Legion in downtown Olympia. Look for our blue and yellow single-payer signs.  We'll have some extras for those who need them.

Physicians for a National Health Plan has provided a link where people can send an email message to their senators urging them to support the Sanders single-payer amendments. 

Briefly, about the two amendments:

1--One will be based on S. 703, the “American Health Security Act.” This bill would create a national single-payer program to provide comprehensive health care coverage for all of the 46 million Americans who currently lack coverage, and would improve benefits for all Americans by eliminating co-pays and deductibles.

Health Care for the Holidays Rally at Sylvester Park

There will be a health care rally tomorrow at Sylvester Park. I have word that Representative Brendan Williams will be speaking. I hope to see a lot of people there.

More info: Health Care for the Holidays Rally at Sylvester Park THIS SATURDAY

Rally: Health Care for ALL

There will be a rally to support Health Care for ALL tomorrow (before the Town Hall Meeting with Congressman Baird.) The rally will start at 5 PM at Sylvester Park.

(Hopefully this won't conflict with people actually attending the Town Hall Meeting.)

Health Care for All Rally!

Marking the End of the Oregon Trail

Marking the End of the Oregon Trail
Marking the End of the Oregon Trail

Here's a monument to the end of the Oregon Trail. It's in Sylvester Park. The Oregon Trail was a popular route to travel for colonists expanding Westward.

How about the idea of creating a monument to the beginning of the end of the culture of conquest. The culture of conquest feeds on hate, fear, violence, division and differences between us. I have had enough hate, violence, intolerance of legitimate personal differences (like religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and race,) exploitation of mineral and labor resources, and harmful economic (and recreational) activities. How about you?

I believe that it is time for us, as a species, to grow-up and evolve. We are burdening the children of today's children (and their children's children too) with debts unpayable. A culture of conquest will no longer do. It's harmful and it's just not right. We can replace it with a culture of cooperation. Imagine a culture of cooperation: loving, compassionate, forgiving, sharing, with a truly caring community, peaceful, just, nonviolent (not to be mistaken with passive,) sustainable, harmonious and in balance, and etc..

So stop the war. Stop all wars. No to war. War is an illegitimate and unacceptable means of executing what are unacceptable economic and foreign policies of domination and conquest.

Support our troops by bringing them home alive & sane. Provide soldiers with the health care they need to recover fully from war-related casualties. That's troop support. Stop the war.

Oly FOR Weekly Wednesday Peace Vigil

Peace VigilYou're welcome to stand for peace at the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation's weekly Sylvester Park Peace Vigil. It happens every Wednesday. Meet at Noon at the NW corner of the park (Capitol Way and Legion Ave). Signs are also available. This event is ongoing. It's fun and rewarding.

more information: Wednesday Sylvester Park Peace Vigil

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